The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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One of the LithiumQube
Blood and Thunder.

Walterheist's headquarters represent more of a fortress than a business organization. Although Futurex has them beat on the performance of their equipment, Walterheist definitely causes a rampage with every expedition. The mercenaries equipped with their protectives have yet to report a single sustained injury from their encounters with the Placarian...
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Identical to all other subway entrances to help create some unity between each city, you are greeted by a wide set of about half a dozen cement stairs that take you into the tunnel. Arched ceilings and chandeleirs are overhead, a beauty beheld in the detail of the craftmen ship that you wouldn't expect. Stained glass windows let in the light that cast shadows at your feet. Enjoy the beauty beheld in the stations for venturing deeper into the subway system and the beauty gives way to other things...sinister...
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Located deep underground, lay a large labyrinth that was used by homeless people in the 1700's for shelter. Tales of "The Body-Snatchers" tell the story of ghosts that linger here, snatching up bodies whilst they sleep in the darkness. The Vaults are damp, smelly, and disease ridden. If one were to live here, it would be grimmer than the most dismal life ever concieved and the life expectancy is extremely short.
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The night engulfs this wide field of grass, the grass sporting a slight reddish tint due to centuries of spilled and soaked blood upon them. some skulls and bones stick out of the ground at random points, giving an eerie stigma to those who arrive here. This is a place of death. And only death shall be welcomed.
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Located deep in The Underground.
Glove up and step inside this standard boxing ring to prove your skills in brawling. Only 2 fighters are allowed in the ring at a time. Rune stones placed on the 4 corners of the ring change your character into a human and any superhuman attributes as well as any powers or regenerative abilities are nullified. Once the match is over, and you step out, your abilities and superhuman attributes are restored. Lllllllet's get rrrready to RRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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A Capture the Flag arena.
This arena isn't designed for battle.... Well... not really. 2 3-story bases, 1 with a blue flag, 1 with a red flag. Both flags are at the top floor housed inside impenetrable walls with only one way in, and one way out. A large valley separates the bases and has several boulders for cover. There are a few secret passages for those who like stealth, but none lead into the other base. A magical barrier prevents teleportation of any kind and should someone find a way, they are killed instantly, never to return. The team who scores 3 captures, wins the match. (Please be realistic when participating...
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Get taken away into the unknown, and fight for your right to live.
Step onto a magical pad, and you are taken to an arena on a far away planet. The planet of Rhodinia. Rhodinia is a harsh planet, oceans of lava, pillars of fire spewing into the air, meteors plummeting into the oceans of fire from the vastness of space. The air is hot, and barely breathable. The arena is vast: 1 mile x 1 mile. Fighters are occasionally bombarded by the meteors, leaving several impact craters that should destroy the arena itself, but due to the magical properties, the arena is spared annihilation. Fight to the death, or you may find yourself screaming in agony as you travel down...
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A 2-person public arena.
Deep within the Underground, lies this battle arena that has seen centuries of bloodshed. Many have fought here, many have died. The arena is a simple one. 100ft x 100ft x 100ft all caged in by titanium fencing added later on in the years. The fence is lined with spikes pointing inward, ready to impale those who are thrown on them. In the center of the arena, is a 20ft x 20ft gap with a 500ft drop into an abyss, bottomed with a spike pit stained by the coagulated blood of those who had died a horrible death. Only 1 person shall be left standing when the cage lifts, and only 1 person shall be allowed...
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