The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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A rather run down motel, the exterior looking as if the whole building should be bulldozed to the ground. The sign in the window once upon a time flashed the word 'office' now it is just a lone 'I' that flashes. You won't find much here, but it does provide a bed, and a shower, maybe if you're lucky enough the water will even be hot.
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One of the LithiumQube
Always moving forward, never in any other direction.

The mighty citadel of LithiumQube's Futurex corporation. The second largest of the four buildings, and by far, the most lucrative organization. They were responsible for discovering the first Lithium-X deposit in the Northern Sector of Placar (post-bioincident reference: Radiated Sector). The huge mobilization of such...
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Put your feet up, come have an ale. Maybe bloodwine is what you crave or some spirit of far of lands or creatures of mystery.
A quant and cozy tavern that smells of oak from the crackling fire that ever burns in the dark corner, the embers spark and crackle creating a soothing atmosphere. The wooden bar rests off to the side of the room, and there are several tables with chairs as well as booths that sit upon the worn wooden floor. Upstairs are many guest room for weary travelers. NO FIGHTING NO FIGHTING
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 37 - Views: 665

Where fortunes are won... or lost.

This luxurious casino stands tall at 50 stories, making it easily seen at any point in Cimmerian. The top 47 stories are hotel rooms for the thousands of guests who wish to bathe in luxury. Security is always watching for the cheaters, and will take care of anyone caught cheating. Blackjack, Poker, Slots, Craps, and Roulette are one of the many games you can place your bets on, and stake your claim in the millions of dollars that are won everyday....
by Kain Reaver - Comments: 89 - Views: 1327

Fancy a roll in the grass? well then this is the place for you. come meet and mingle.

In the centre of the city lays a perfectly square plot of land that is covered with lush grass the color of emeralds. Magnolia trees dot the landscape haphazardly, providing a nice place to read a book, or perhaps you seduced a wayword human who has now become your prey and here you have brought them so as you may feed. This is also a gathering spot for many of the land to get together for a picnic maybe, put just what will be served?
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 80 - Views: 1060

Beneath the city streets are several tunnels that if you don't learn to navigate you will quickly grow lost. The dampness and squeeking of rats greet you as you enter, this is the underbelly of the city. The creatures of the night that refuse to try and hide who they are live here and have formed their own society. Here you will be able to hire a professional killer or find shops with items that you wouldn't be able to find in a normal store, such as potions and the sort. Odds are you will...
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A maze of ever turning and intercrossing roads, lined with tall oak tress and drip with spanish moss that sways soundlessly in the breeze casting their lacy shadow where you tread. There are many dark alleys and heavy shadows where creatures of the night may lurk. Gas lanterns line the streets with the soft amber glow that just creates more ever dancing shadows
by Kain Reaver - Comments: 160 - Views: 1675

Looking out towards The Eternal Sea, this cozy and quiet area provides peace for any who should find it. It is very hard to find, but once you see it, the view becomes its own treasure. (No fighting is allowed here.)
by Kain Reaver - Comments: 120 - Views: 1414

Dangerous seas that even the most savvy of sea fairers are leary of.
Bellowing waters rock your vessel gently and the waters splash upon your hull as you travel the Eterna Sea. No land can be spotted for as far as the eye can see. Beware the serenity of these waters, for not only do sea faring creatures lurk below your vessel. Beware of the Kraken that will wrap its tentacles around your vessel, crack it in half as if it were splitting a saltine cracker, then drown your fortune into the Eternal Sea for all eternity whilst you become the light snack of the ferocious beast.
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 7 - Views: 232

Bustling lawyers and criminals swarm this modern courhouse all awaiting for their time in court. Will your peers find you guilty or innocent? Or perhaps you will be left hung out to dry simply because of what you are. If you look with vigilent eyes you will know those of The Creed that sit on the bench and they may save you from your fate.

(Eventually our goal here is to have members step in and create an NPC and stand in as judges, lawyers, etc and can RP out trials.
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 16 - Views: 1166

The beacon in the night that still shines for sailors of lore, calling home it's wanderers of the sea.

Resting upon a high cliff on the shores of the Eternal Sea, sits an abandoned lighthouse that still lights the way for the sea-farers making their way towards the docks. But, from time to time, the light goes out, leaving the area in pitch black. The ships in the waters find themselves crashing into the rocky shores when they get too close, and tattered hulls of the the unfortunate ships lie about the deadly rocks as a reminder to all that the sea is not always as serene as you would believe it...
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 3 - Views: 247

Identical to all other subway entrances to help create some unity between each city, you are greeted by a wide set of about half a dozen cement stairs that take you into the tunnel. Arched ceilings and chandeleirs are overhead, a beauty beheld in the detail of the craftmen ship that you wouldn't expect. Stained glass windows let in the light that cast shadows at your feet. Enjoy the beauty beheld in the stations for venturing deeper into the subway system and the beauty gives way to other things...sinister...
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 6 - Views: 453

Old gothic headstones of stories never to be told. Did they leave behind their family, or maybe their family left them here.
An isolated 100 acre graveyard thats nestled and surrounded within that of double black steel gates that are 6 feet in height. A heavy thick fog lingers here in the chilling evening breeze and during the day, there isnt a sound or a peep. Haunting sounds and ghostly visions are rumored to roam at night, the ghostly whispering secrets linger in the moonlight. The sun rarely shines here and its nearly always dark Something wicked this way comes, maybe you'll hear the ghost hum.
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 6 - Views: 235

Now we all need a place to relax and put our troubles aside, don't we? Come for a swim or bring a lover to bask at their beauty beneath the moon.
A black lake that lays within a valley of tall cliffs and mountains. The surface of the water glass like and smooth, reflecting the light of the moon and the twinkling of the stars. Many sounds are heard in almost silent whispers that bounce off the cliff walls, or is it something darker that lurks amoungst the shadows?
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 80 - Views: 864

Come here just to reflect on quiet beauty, but as with all places even the most beautiful thing can still be dangerous.
A large garden that was filled with black roses, however now half the roses are gone but it still looks beautiful in the night sky, as the moon reflects off the dew that has formed on the velvet like pedals. There are pathways you way wander that all lead to the center where you will find a fountain made of onyx surrounded by benches so you may sit and listen to the sound of the water. Pick the roses if you dare for the thorns are very poisonous. DO NOT FIGHT HERE!
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 11 - Views: 251

In the warehouse district of the city stands what looks to be an abandoned meat packing plant, white chipped paint on the outside of the nondescript facade, a building that once you passed during the day you would immediatly forget, however at night the driving beat of techno and metal can be heard. Once you enter and your eyes adjust to the darkness you watch the people dancing to the ever driving beat, bodies swaying together. In darker corners you might notice the creatures of the night feeding...
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 42 - Views: 429

Having once served in the military for over 20 years, this naval battleship now serves as a mobile hq for a dark, deadly cult known as The Heralds Of Darkness. Despite being discharged almost 3 years ago it is comfirmed that its weapons are fully opertational. And improvements have been made since they aquired such a ship. Its turrets are now fully automated yet can still be controled by humans. It also can outrun any other battleship known thanks to engine modifications. To be accepted into the Heralds of The Darkness however one must either prove ones own darkness to their leader by commiting...
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Located down a hidden tunnel deep within the Underground there can be found a strange glowing light, ethereal in nature that calls to you once you lay eyes upon it. With each step the light beckons you forward, calling your name it would seem, while wrapping it's unseen grasp about you. Once you step through the light you find yourself within a dark, deserted cave where you will dwell until you find your path...the question now that lays before you is, is it a metophorical path or one of reality?
by Samantha Reaver - Comments: 0 - Views: 346

Nothing special here, just your average movie theatre. Here you can see the latest releases and even great classics. Once a month at midnight even "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" is played, pick your favorite character, dress up and come join in the fun...Lets do the Time Warp Again!!
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Feel free to come here and enjoy the company of others, or seek your dinner.

Fancy a night out? A symphany or maybe some culture is what you desire and wish to see an opera. Come sit beneath the stars with your friends, your loved ones or even just by yourself. Listen as the sounds magnify and fill the night air with beautiful harmonies and melodies that combine together making such beautiful music.
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place of mystery that holds different secrets and answers for each being that wander here.
Far off in the outskirts of dark lands long forgotten and left in quiet is where you find yourself. have you traveled unwittingly? or was there something that drew you in? Use your own judgement and meditative skills to find what it is that is in these lands and whatever it is you may seek. For some it may be to wander and to let their thoughts consume them for others may come here and fester in their ever growing rage. Word to the wise however, do not linger here and become lost, for then you may become trapt inside your own mind.
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