The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 False Hope Prison

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PostFalse Hope Prison

Located 5 miles deep below the vastness of the Eternal Sea, rests this maximum security prison that houses the worst of the worst criminals. Titanium plating 5 feet thick are the only thing keeping this prison from collapsing into itself, and assure that nothing can cut through it. The 10x10x6 prison cells are dark, damp, and barely livable. Solitary confinement plagues your sanity as the 4x4x4 cells drive you further towards madness, eating away at your very core. The highest level of security ensures that the only way out, is by maddening labyrinths of hallways, checkpoints, and only the way to escape is by the moonpool, pressurized to keep the water from flooding the entire prison, and where new prisoners are transported by deep sea submarines. Think twice before committing a crime, or you'll find yourself rotting away during your 10-lifetimes sentence here, decaying more and more everyday until the day you cease to exist in your own cesspool of vermin.
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False Hope Prison

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