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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Cimmerian Subway Entrance

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PostCimmerian Subway Entrance

Identical to all other subway entrances to help create some unity between each city, you are greeted by a wide set of about half a dozen cement stairs that take you into the tunnel. Arched ceilings and chandeleirs are overhead, a beauty beheld in the detail of the craftmen ship that you wouldn't expect. Stained glass windows let in the light that cast shadows at your feet. Enjoy the beauty beheld in the stations for venturing deeper into the subway system and the beauty gives way to other things...sinister things
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Cimmerian Subway Entrance :: Comments

Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:10 pm  Domitrix
"Then what use are you to me." spoke the demon, decreasing the altitude of his hold, until finally the man's feet touched ground. The hand gave a firm shove back, and the man stumbled to an almost prone position, were it not for his elbow and the other hand feeling around his neck for breath.

The Empyreal had no further need for him, and so he commenced pace towards the staircase leading outwards, as the man caught breath and watched him leave into the darkness of the awaiting night. One greave on the first step, and visage turned to shine the might of ember gemstones back at the man, "It would be wise to know about them. For if the next time we are to fatefully meet across this small world we are in, I will ensure the removal of your heart before it dare fail on you were you to not hold what I desire."

The sight narrowed the man's eyes as Domitrix spoke, as he would notice fangs in his mouth. A vampire? No. There were four fangs instead of two, the other pair came in right behind the first pair. And they pinged so vividly in the darkness. A light from the ceiling was still swinging around.

What did the demon have to worry about. Even if the authorities did believe him, they were perhaps up against a force way beyond their control. Either way, that wouldn't play out in the Empyreal's favor, seeming as how he just wants the Heralds. Not the destruction of the cities.

A strong shockwave set off in his revolving ocules, a firm pulse of crimson as Domitrix gave him one final glance, and headed up the stairs.
What would his business be with the Heralds. Didn't sound as if it would be much pleasant however. One would vote otherwise to be in their shoes at the given moment.

Soon enough, the lighting in the area returned to normal. Nothing was as dim anymore, despite the presence of the light. Nothing was lucid. But in the train, a present.
A message for any of the Heralds that pick up the execution style murder in the subway.

A message that Devilin Domitrix Exodus, was coming.
Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:54 pm  Domitrix
The train reached its scheduled destination. Something didn't seem according to plan. It was braking slowly a long while before it ever came into view of the next station's platform. Some windows along a handful of carts were barred with streaks of sanguine mess. Some carts were dark, as the lights had been punctured out. The glass from the ceiling was scattered across the dark floors.

The train came to a halt way before it was suppose to. Only the first three carts reached the platform. People were present. About six. All wondering what the hell is wrong with the train, hoping that they didn't fall under an unscheduled malfunction. When one of the persons discovered the red against the windows, they freaked with wide open eyes, "Oh shit... What the hell..." whispered disbelieving lips at the sight.

The others joined in the realization of the sight and, the back three stepped back instead of staying there, "We, need to call an ambulance. The police. Something. Anything." suggested a woman nervously. Two reached immediately for their cell phones. The dialing was almost in unison.

When the doors finally opened, out waltzed the demon, holding the dismembered upper body of a man and a woman. The trail of darkness that subdued the naked eye, as if slowed down the times. If the width of their eyes knew boundaries, they surely surpassed them now, when they saw the obsidian robes of the platemailed Empyreal. The estelle of blood where heeled greaves would pilot, painted two rich red stripes against the floor.

"Aaaaaaaahh!!" shrieked the woman. Others started running for the stairs. One couldn't even move, frozen in the utmost fear. After the screams and scatter, both gauntlets released the remains of the bodies unto the platform floor. Piercing cinnabar optics walked up towards the jaw twitching male, with the pace of a deathly tune.
When the demon stood over him, he noticed that the human was all but the purest of pale colors,

"I need some information." stated Domitrix idly. The crystal mist that exhaled from his inconspicous maw rained down and wrapped around the face of the man, as if the snarl whence face to face with a hellhound, "Do you know of the Herlads." spoke his calm voice. A tone just above the volume of a whisper, calm with hidden fury.

The man didn't budge from his shocked state, and the demon was afraid that with the sudden twitching, he might be in due of a seizure. So he decided to help him focus, with the back of his onyx plated gauntlet crushing the left cheek bone of his face. His body stumbled to the floor, "Answer me!" bellowed the Empyreal, his voice trembling the vicinity slightly. The lights flickered again. One even fell to crash against the ground of the platform. With a firm reach, open hand shot forward and torso bent down, digits wrapping around the neck of the male and lifting him way beyond his weight. The man tried to sustain breath with both of his hands around Domitrix's wrist,

"I'll give you, one last chance at crawling up that staircase... Do you know about, the HERALDS!" echoed his voice through the tiny crumbling of dust from afflicted walls. "N-n-," tried the man to speak despite the tough grip from armored hand. Also twitching his head side to side to indicate a 'no' response. For well, it was all the movement he could do.

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Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:03 am  Domitrix
A look down the platform on one end, and then to the other end at torso's behind. Not a soul in sight. Pity. There should have been. Only the cardboard and market cart of a homeless person. Perhaps it was the figure curled up in a tattered sleeping bag. Didn't matter much though, the souls of the wrathful tasted better anyway. The spirits with war in their hearts, as were the boys from earlier. Destroying things for the fun of it. Modern age pillaging with the only reward being hype and sit-around stories amongst their peers. Pathetic in harness of pseudo-achievement.

Lights were eventually seen at the curve of the tunnel far to the south. The demon already had in mind the station were he was to get off on. And soon enough, the carts came to slow screeching stop, with the double doors opening infront of the Empyreal, at the very last cart, "Greatness." murmured diligent lips.

He boarded the train as soon as they opened. People came out, but they were multiple carts ahead. Seeing Domitrix would be as if hallucinating. Shadows can't board trains. Right?

Upon entry, careful speculation noticed the quality of the last cart. Some graffiti, names and words and designs carved along the walls apparently with sharp objects. Some seats were torn. So a nice push from palm to robe lifted them up, just in time to take a seat. The daikatanas rest upon his lap as the demon crossed his legs, "Ah, now I know why the sunrise of society has become so god damned lazy. Technologies run their lives now... Well, laziness does decrease speed... Mmm, I'm starting to like this technology."
Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:43 am  Domitrix
There existed little presence along the work force of the subway. It was midnight again. And two illuminaires of ruby gemstones from a hidden hellish demeanor led the path down the steps. There was a far off sound of a horn and rail dragging. The sounds of a group of carts departing for their next scheduled destination. A few sheets of tossed paper scuddled at the feet of the demon, and then around and beyond.

"Mechanisms that transport people from place to place. Moved by... electricity, huh." thought Domitrix to himself as he met with the ground floor, continueing his hunt, "Mmm, never tried it before." spoke the four fangs in the darkness, as visage caught glimpse of the train's path upon a board, along with the name and number of the present station, "They call the people who drive these things... conductors." smirked the corner of his lips at the thought, "So it is driven by... a person..." greaves paced forward, "A human..."

And so, the Empyreal stood at the edge's finale, staring piercing crimsons down the tunnel, awaiting for the next shuttle to arrive, "Why bother leap, when I can ride." played the song of premonitioned oblivion from his maw.
Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
Post on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:50 pm  Kain Reaver
Stepping carefully into the subway entrance, Kain makes his way down the steps all the way down to the platforms. Several security guards line the ticket booth, but step aside once Kain approaches. They nod to Kain as they open the gates, allowing him passage, and close once Kain steps through. He senses his beloved's thoughts, which are on him, and with a smile, he thinks of her too, always loving her with all his heart no matter the distance between them. Stepping into a subway car, Kain looks at the other passengers, who return the look. Some people nod and acknowledge his existance. Others simply look, then return to what they were doing.

Kain takes a seat in an empty row near the exit, and waits for the doors to close. The automated announcement over the PA sounds as the doors close, and the subway train begins to accelerate, headed for Ardor. Kain waits patiently for the duration of the ride in complete silence.
Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
Post on Sat Dec 11, 2010 9:33 am  Guest
I wake up with a stiff back and a terrible hangover. How much did I drink last night? I find myself sitting on the floor of the train station entrance with an empty bottle of JD left next to me. My back is against the wall and I have to squint against the harsh glare of the early morning light coming in from the stained glass windows above. I cough and slowly get to my feet feeling like crap. Images of the previous night come back to me slowly. Alcohol... a woman... a bar fight...
A passer by flicks some change at me and I hear it skip across the floor at my feet. "Thanks buddy." I say after him, my voice low and gutteral, my throat feels like I've been eating broken glass. I pick up the loose change and stuff it into a pocket of my faded jeans that are ripped at the knees. I look around for a nearby restroom to get cleaned up in and spot one. The door is locked at this time in the morning, but with a grunt I force it open. Being a werewolf has it's perks, the extra-human strength isn't the only handy feature.
I turn on the faucet in the men's room and splash cold water onto my face. I cup my hand to spoon some water into my mouth and swill it around for a moment before spitting it back out, then I stare at my reflection. A once very handsome young man but now very disheveled and care worn. I still got my boyish smile though, I realise and grin at myself. Where the hell to now?
Re: Cimmerian Subway Entrance
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Cimmerian Subway Entrance

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