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 Cimmerian City Courthouse

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Samantha Reaver

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PostCimmerian City Courthouse

Bustling lawyers and criminals swarm this modern courhouse all awaiting for their time in court. Will your peers find you guilty or innocent? Or perhaps you will be left hung out to dry simply because of what you are. If you look with vigilent eyes you will know those of The Creed that sit on the bench and they may save you from your fate.

(Eventually our goal here is to have members step in and create an NPC and stand in as judges, lawyers, etc and can RP out trials.

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Cimmerian City Courthouse :: Comments

Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sun Jan 02, 2011 1:28 am  Domitrix
As soon as the demon reached the outside of the Courthouse with acquired information, ears perked slightly to the sound of a distant shot. It must be of the 'guns' that humans created centuries ago. Still however, none of it triggered enough interest in his attention for him to divert from the principle objective.

Even further addition to intrigue, an explosion triggered from the same distance, moments after the gunshot insued. The affairs of others however, held very little care in the emotionlessness of the Empyreal. His emphasis remained unfaltering. It seemed there was chaos in the direction of the murder scene about an hour or two ago. Mayhaps there was an actual witness to the bodies. About time. Although, if the enforcement of this modern world consisted of remaining multiple steps behind the very trek of the demon, then so be his ultimate success in all of his objectives.

The pounce shook the ground, it cartwheeled Domitrix's hellish brigandine form over the two streetlights infront of the Courthouse, and unto the roof of the building where he once arrived from.

Smoke rose from the direction of the explosion, as would come thunder to lightning. But the rain would soon silence the flames from the incident, as the raindrops already made their way into a crash of his obsidian hooded cloak.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:16 pm  Domitrix
In slight disbelief with a new surfacing hope, visage leaned down to read each word carefully. It was the recorded purchase by a said 'Kain and Samantha' of a condo near city limits. "Could it be?" thought anxious lips aloud.

The paper mentioned the address, the price, the sign offs, and the recorded types of insurance amongst other information. But Domitrix could barely focus on anything but the names written. Wanting to carefully examine and pursue this at a more accessible point, he grabbed this file as well and turned about, heading for the exit.

The new objective being to race after this fresh contact. For if it was an imposter brandishing the late King's name, he would be slain at once.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:09 pm  Domitrix
Scanning and flipping through paperwork, rubies studied every parchment with undivided attention. Real estate organizations showed up mostly as sponsors, endorsement, or investment contracts. A handful of large housing. Mansions. Estates. And a humble mention of the Heralds. Bingo. Top names were shown in a large file with a packet of documents. Purchases throughout the city, and recorded activity in reference to other cities as well. The contact information for the other Courthouses in Frore and Ardor.

It all seemed quite possible for such syndicates to rise from the woodworks, in acceptance of the fall of the King ages ago. "The Heralds of Darkness..." murmured narrowed firebricks glancing at the paper that stood out from the rest in the library of contents. Domitrix pulled the file, and tucked it in the fathoms of his obsidian cloak, in the same spot where the map was.

He was all about to leave until the file infront caught his eye before torso turned to depart. Cinnabar optics pulsed a wave throughout his retina. The end of the Condominiums fragment of personal property categories. The file began with the name 'Reaver'. The Empyreal stared at it for a moment, stoic but with a sign of intrigue, just before reaching over to it and pulling it from the line. He opened the file and positioned it above the extended drawer.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:53 pm  Domitrix
Without a second glance at his body, the God of War immediately turned and switched focus to getting by the camera that he spotted earlier. The body of the custodian was bleeding in a heavy surplus, but none of it was to reach the hallway with the closet in it. He was too far. Instead, he bled out into the room previously labeled 'Human Resources', the directory room with no cameras.

Dimming the lights once more, the demon snuck his way past the camera and into the office. The infiltration portion of his objective was complete. Now, to retrieve informing document. There were a good number of archives with different dates and subjects. All hopefully alphabetized properly. And all as previously mentioned.
Three drawers for real estate, next to one for personal property. Mortgages was right above them. Next to that, the leases archive.

With inclination to the personal property archive, armored digits closed the door behind him and got to work in his search. The opening of the archive extended a long drawer to where he almost needed to retract a step in length. All of this documentation. They must have something here.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:41 pm  Domitrix
There was only one exit. Other than the emergency doors of course. But those would trigger an alarm that he did not have the key to disarm before the fireforces showed up to the Courthouse.

Instead, he rubbed the back of his head and managed his way down the hallway. Looking back to make sure everything was in operating order so he wouldn't get yelled at on Monday. With a nod, he slid his hand off the wall's corner and turned, out of the range from the camera. Step by step he made his way down the hall, almost to the entryway to the 'Recorder's Office'. Instead, he never made it that far.

Behind him came the muffling grasp of onyx gauntlet over his mouth, clenching both cheeks. In the time of reflex, arms lifted and eyes widened, as reaction of nonmilitant human would play out. Before his fingers could reach the demon's wrist though, a sharp pierce shot in and out behind the left underside of the torso and through the left pectoral. A clean hole into his lungs and heart, scraping not a single contact with the bones of his ribs.

He stumbled and twitched quickly, gathering more adrenaline and strength as it was soon to deplete completely, "Shhhh." hushed the hellish tone of the Empyreal diagonally behind his head, "Just suffer..." he whispered again. Not long after did the blood creep into his lung and flood it, leading out into the stomache and throat, which rendered him lack of oxygen, "Suffer..."

When he was unable to make any noise, Domitrix removed his hand from his mouth, only to allow a drowning cough into the atmosphere. The male was not to taint his armor with any undesired blood. He pet the man as if he was a sad puppy, "Succumb to the death. And go as peacefully as you can." spoke the demon, watching the janitor fall to his knees, holding his neck, and then eventually flat on the ground.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:27 pm  Domitrix
Before making his move, the Lord of Shadows gazed upon the immediate wall plaque under the top indicator of the area. He read the plaque simultaneously while listening to the nearby presence. A soldier who was not able to multi-task was a dead soldier on the battlefield. The plaque read:

"The County Recorder's function is to maintain permanent public records involving a wide variety of instruments. These documents detail transactions involved in: real estate, personal property, mortgages, liens, leases, subdivision plats, military discharges, personal bonds, etc. Generally, all of these instruments are recorded either for giving legal public notice of their existence or for safekeeping and future reference."

Sure, why not. And with that, the demon made his proceedings to close the distance between himself, and the custodian. It seemed he had not finished putting away some of his work instruments, but was nearing completion just before flame blazed jewels gazed at him from around the corner. At hallway's end. He apparently felt a presence, and just after closing the closet door and locking it with his key, he paused for a brief moment and shot a glance down. Nothing was there. Adding to his fortune however, was a camera behind him. In the corner of a wall's embrace. And so, little did he know, it awarded him with an extra minute or two of life.

Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 9:02 pm  Domitrix
Although they weren't in any threatening distance, Domitrix immediately identified the footsteps. Their pattern of pace, the type of shoe lining that slid along the flooring, and another sound that was previously uninhibittable by the distraction of the raindrops. Keys. The demon stood for a moment, without a blink in his visage, to study the sound and summarize it:

1. Light pace that changed from weight of step, indicating that the person was performing motions with the upper limbs of his body. Perhaps reaching for something, or stretching.
2. The person wore sneakers. Not boots, or formal dress attire, or heels. They created squeaking insinuating that they had contained water a little while ago. This would indicate that the person was either outside during the commencement of the rain. But this ideal was tossed out the window, seeming as how their direction approached from a wing of the building that was inaccessible to the front doors, which was the direction that the Empyreal entered along. So in analysis, the water, or fluid, that the person stepped in, was from the inside.
3. A yawn was induced, along a wipe to the facial area with the the scrape of a few hairs from the forearm. Either the person was sick, or this was a gesture portrayed by a lack of education. Something frail to the human heart's expression in the comfort of loneliness.
4. Then came the whistling. It was an enjoyable upbeat tune. One seemingly used to stimulate focus and entertainment despite this obvious lack of social activity in the building. Either that or the person just won the lottery. Highly unlikely. Mayhaps they were finished with their shift. That would explain the stretching of 'another day, another dollar'.

All until materials were heard shuffled into a room. Along with a small group of plastic wheels. It sounded like a janitor.

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Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:36 pm  Domitrix
Not one from this end, mayhaps in the neighboring rooms. Either way, it gave the demon freedom to make a choice as he well pleased.

Like the other department 'tree' of a hallway, this one contained identical options, with the following signs each reading their given administration titles:

'Assessor's Office'
'Auditor's Office'
'Computer Center'
'County Comissioners'
'County Administrator'
'County Council'
'Recorder's Office'
'Treasurer's Office'
'Surveyor's Office'
and two different leads to the neighboring departments- "Engineering Dept." and "Voter's Registration".

The Cimmerian Courthouse was most definitely a bit larger than expected. Especially from the inside. Needless to say, the 'Recorder's Office' caught his attention quickly. And so, the Empyreal journeyed quietly to the hall's entrance, where footsteps were heard afar.

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Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:28 pm  Domitrix
The rain grew in weight outside. The skies had fully opened to embrace the fall of their watery cleanse. Some flashes shot through the window, lightning. On the other hand, the rumble of thunder came five seconds later. The storm was five miles away. A neutral piece of information for the demon.

When forbidden presence reached entryway of the department hall's lead, it branched off into multiple sectors. Birth certificates, death documentation, marraige liscensing, and divorce. None of it faired any resolution to his preyed goal. With both platemailed gauntlets along the walls of the entrance down the hall, maw switched over to the left, peering illuminescent gemstones down a crece in the initial hallway. A crystalline mist exhaled softly from virtually hidden visage as attention from the vital statistics options dwindled greatly. All in pursuit of this next department, one that mayhaps appealed closer to this realization.

'Human Resources' read the sign above the doorway. However, it was locked. Again, this did not matter in the most, as the alarms were positioned on the border windows or possible forced entry spots. His digits wrapped around the knob firmly, twisting beyond the 'stop' that the knob would make indicating that it couldn't turn any more. Ignoring this, the demon jammed and broke the latch inside the mechanism, and the spring tumbled inside it's cogworks. The knob was furthermore unturnable ever again, but the door, accessible.

With light coming from the other side of the translucent window upon the wooden frame, an ease pulled slowly on the knob, watching for the counter of any awaiting camera range. Just as he did during the exit of the bathroom moments earlier.

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Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 8:15 pm  Domitrix
The stone onyx gaunlet's palm pressed lightly on the door of the bathroom, pushing it apart, with the steady lock of rich ruby ocules bordering the edge of the doorway. The demon made sure that every inch he opened, was an inch in recordable sight. Until the door could give no more, he would then relieve himself from the wooden press and venture into the slight open.

Second floor. Not a sound to ear. Well, not before the rain gave introduction along the roof and windows of the Courthouse. One camera present in that room, it swayed from left to right, covering every corner. With but an eyeing twist of lip from the Empyreal, the lights dimmed a bit. Enough for his presence to blend in with the newfound darkness. The only curiosity if room seen, would be the malfunctioning in the lights above on the ceiling, and the fact that they may need a maintenance or change.

There were signs along the halls. Wide halls. Information desk, traffic infractions, vital statistics department. All from which to choose. Yet, what he searched for was not a traffic report, and the information desk's computer was all but shut off. Another indication far down, citizenship and residency. Not offering any satisfaction.

And so, it seemed the vital statistics department was the closest one to the subject of the objective. Stalked by the pace of obsidian hooded robe, and the sinful hymn of twin onyx heeled greaves.

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Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:35 am  Domitrix
The doors were made of glass. Beyond them, a gate with a computer, a motion belt, and a hollow rectangle about seven feet tall. The metal detector. No guard however. And although he waited for quite a bit, no patrol outside the building in a golfcart or other compact vehicle. There were no cars present, and he didn't fancy himself checking the parking garage. At worst case scenario, the last hope might be of an actual security office inside. If so, it definitely was on the ground floor, to provide accessibility were a conflict to arise in the building.

The demon had already made his way across, virgin to any touch of light upon the street. His position marked the side of the building, as the steps infront remained as ghostly as he witnessed minutes before. As if darkness could prove to no avail in his camoflauged standing, the beautification of brush around the sides of the Courthouse did more to hide his person.

Alarms were probably placed with sensors on every single window. It wouldn't be wise to just, break one open. So instead, a seldom merge between himself and the shadows that begged for his audience insued, and through the ventilation opening he went. Imbued within the void.

The darkness bleeding through the shaft at room's ceiling, materializing into his almighty presence inside the bathroom. Where no sign of cameras was absolute.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Tue Dec 21, 2010 7:54 pm  Samantha Reaver
Lilith's sultry laughter continues to ring out and mix with that of Turel's and she pulls him towards the courthouse doors. "Come on slow poke" Happiness floods through her, a happiness that she never knew existed.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:53 pm  Kain Reaver
Smiling proudly and laughing along with his beloved, Turel approaches the courthouse with Lillith and makes his way up the steps with her, eager to marry the love of his life. Pride beams from his face, a brightness that hasn't been there for over 200 years now shines like never before. He couldn't want to call her wife, and her call him husband.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:09 pm  Jin the Silent
charging wildly and heavily with every vibration, the golems knocked the trees, statues and everything decorative.
their main focus was to forcefully open the door and destroy everything within the courthouse showing no signs of remorse.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:29 pm  Samantha Reaver
Laughing with joy and excitement, Lilith runs up the courthouse stars with Turel, the only thing on her mind at the moment is marrying her love. The heels of her shoes clatter against the surface of the stairs while her ebony hair blows softly behind her.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
Post on Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:59 pm  Jin the Silent
one of the escaped golems discovers the courthouse before it. the golem grumbles with desires of destroying such a monuement.
the golem simply went onto its knees, as its body cracks and splits in three parts only to form three smaller golems.
with no one in sight of protecting such a beautiful place, the golems began to charge, throwing their weights in a slow, burt destrucrtive rampage towards the Courthouse.
Re: Cimmerian City Courthouse
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Cimmerian City Courthouse

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