The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Destroyed Placar City Streets

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PostDestroyed Placar City Streets

Throughout the city of Placar lies the ruins of a once glamorous grid of streets that interconnect every part of the city. Tread carefully, for you may never know if a bridge or building may collapse and send you on your way to meet your maker.
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Destroyed Placar City Streets :: Comments

Re: Destroyed Placar City Streets
Post on Sun May 22, 2011 12:04 am  Albel
Albel sat on a roof building that was one of the tallest there, The area was well defended by the accidents that caused it. Twin stone walls rose up on both sides keeping anyone from coming around back while the front was a open area with no where to hide just barren streets. The young Vampire aimed his .50 caliber Big Boar sniper rifle and loaded a Copper bullet into the chamber. He peeked into the scope wondering it around before he spotted his target.

His target was a small group of Cratin who had been using team work to kill and hunt. Albel had a grudge against them since there leader had eaten his cat. Albel set his rifle on his padded shoulder as he took aim the scope zooming in on he leader and was glad to see there were two more next to him. " This is for you Mr. Kittenpaws." He pulled the trigger and a resounding boom echoed as the bullet smashed through the first ripping it in half and into the other pair one lost a big chunk of it's face and brain matter while the one behind that was ripped in half from the waist down. Albel had come across the old Rifle when scavenging a old Military base it was known as a anti tank rifle.

The other three spun around as they jumped on there own allies as Albel once again reloaded his rifle and fired taking the one in the middle this time it was blasted into pieces, finally the other two decided it was dangerous one turn to flee but was blasted forward it's whole back gone from a bullet.

The last one spun around looking for there hunter and screamed only to be silenced when a Bullet went through it's mouth ripping out the entire back of it's head. He stood up Looking down at the remains a smirk on his face then he heard a whump sound and looked off to the left where a pack of Gorgoron were trundling along. Obviously attracted by the noise. Albel looked down noting he only had five shots left but he was saving that in case a Sunder Worm appeared. His Bullets when he got the right shot could tear deeply into it. He sat back a grin on his face as he watched the direction they came from a laugh escaping his lips as he sat back to watch the show.

Albel had been running these streets for some time and this building had became his stronghold he had also set up certain areas for his enemies to enter through one of those was what the Gorgoron had came in from. They walked along making vibration noises and right into his well kept garden of Venus Man traps. The irony made him laugh as the pair fought back and forth sadly for the Gorgoron there were way more Venus Human traps almost a hundred. Albel had made sure to regularly feed his plants. That was just one of his many booby-traps he had put around his home. He noted he would have to go for supplies soon. Over the years Albel had been trying to get well known in areas of hard living hoping someone from the creed would take notice and recruit him.
Re: Destroyed Placar City Streets
Post on Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:36 pm  Kain Reaver
Like the sounds of a fighter jet flying inbound, followed by a sonic boom, a trail of smoke flew directly into several ruined buildings, making them crumble and fall as the hurled Kain blasted right through the fallen walls. Several onlookers had seen what they thought was a meteor crash into some nearby streets, a large plume of smoke and debris shooting up into the air once Kain crashed into the ground.

The onlookers began to run to the crash site to investigate.

They arrived to see death incarnate. Smoke and fire plumed from what seemed to be the depths of hell itself.

And someone arose from the ashes. A dark presence. Evil incarnate. Ruffled black hair covered in soot was slewn over the man's face. This clothes were torn and shredded. Blood seeped from his wounds. Black steel armor glowed red with steaming fires of hell. A low growl shook the ground, striking fear and terror into the hearts of those who saw him. They fled in fear.

"Nihilus.... you.... yoooouuuuu... YOOOOOOUUUUUUU FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG BBBBBAAAAASSSSSSSTTTTTTAAAAAAARRRRRDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!" Rage consumed Kain's very soul, blood red eyes burst into flames as Kain crouched, and leapt into the air, the force creating a deep crater from where he stood. A trail of hellfire marked where Kain flew in the skies, headed back to Cimmerian, but blind from the light of the nuclear explosion. He was going by sound, smell, and presences, for he still felt Nihilus' multiple presences.

Kain will kill Nihilus today. Sight or no sight. Once and for all.
Re: Destroyed Placar City Streets
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Destroyed Placar City Streets

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