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 Choices of Fallout Shelters

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PostSubject: Choices of Fallout Shelters   Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:45 pm

(NOTE: Since these are actual, real-life shelters, built by actual companies, and because we don't want to infringe on copyrights, the URL to the respective company's websites containing the information below will be posted. All rights go to the respective owners. Feel free to check them out too, its pretty cool stuff!)

Variosafe Shelter

Active over the world, VARIOSAFE is a renowned specialist in innovative shelter technology. The company's products are designed on the basis of up-to-date scientific research into shelter and survival requirements for civilian and military emergency situations, and are protected by international patents.

Variable shelter installations of all classes, designed to provide protection for extended periods, ranging from 48 days to 280 days. Turnkey delivery of private and public shelter installations in both monocylinder and multicylinder layouts, customized to the client's precise size and equipment specifications. Large-scale shelter installations comprising networks of individual units connected in grid layouts for schools, hospitals and residential institutions. Shelter installations for production monitoring units in the chemical industry. Mobile shelters for both civilian and military command applications.

Structural optimization pursuant to DISMAS-ELC specifications. High-strength, up to 10 bar blast-proof outside doors and hatches made of AlSi12 with a radioactive half-life of only 0,38 hours, fitted with an adjustable centrally-controlled locking system, external ceramic heat radiation coating, shrapnel-and bullet-proof 360 degree sight device, and a hydraulic lifting system capable of pushing the exit hatch up to through a rubble load of up to 3 tons. Preliminary filter units and emergency exit moduls installed externally, can also be used for upgrading conventional shelters. Standard equipment configurations and optional extras available to cover all possible requirements as regards utilities, waste and sewage disposal, chemical analysis, radiation analysis, energy supply, air regeneration, air conditioning and water recycling systems.

Radius Engineering Cat 15 Shelter

The CAT 15 is a 15 person shelter with a 6 KW internal diesel generator with a 400 gallon diesel tank under the floor providing a one year power duration.  Air filtration is provided by the MCAS 120/600 system. The bathroom includes an electric/manual toilet, shower and small sink. The kitchen includes a utility sink, electric stove and counter entranceway is through a 45 degree stairwell with a hydraulic pocket wireless
entranceway is through a 45 degree stairwell with a hydraulic pocket wireless transmitter. The shelter includes single bunks which extend to a queen size bed, mattresses, sheets, pillows, etc.  A 30 day food package for 15 people is included.  Food storage volume will allow storage of approximately 1500 No. 10 cans ( 15 people for 4 months). A water filtration system provides long-term filtration by a local well.  This model can  also be ordered for 10 people with food storage volume for one year.

Vivos Shelter

The central theme to all end-of-the-world scenarios is to find shelter underground. The soil of the Earth itself can provide the best shelter for most catastrophes including a pole shift, super volcano eruptions, many more manmade devastations such as nuclear bombs, bio terrorism, chemical warfare and even the return of Planet X (known as Niburu or Nemesis) and the solar disturbances it will cause Unlike a backyard shelter, the Vivos complexes will be deep underground, airtight, fully self- contained shelters designed to survive virtually any catastrophe, or threat scenario including natural disasters, a nuclear blast, chemical and biological weapons, or even social anarchy. Each self contained shelter complex will comfortably accommodate a community of 172 - 2,000 people, in spacious quarters, for a minimum of 1 year of autonomous survival to ride out the potential events. Every detail has been considered and planned for. Members need to only arrive before the facility is sealed and secured. Each Vivos complex is engineered, built and equipped to survive all of the envisioned threats of 2012, or beyond. Our engineers and contractors have over two decades of experience designing and building hardened, blast proof shelters for both the government and the private parties. The hardened shelters are buried 25 to 50 feet below the Earth surface and are able to withstand a 50 megaton nuclear blast within a 10 mile radius.  They are engineered to protect from a radiation fallout, a biological or chemical attack, a solar flare, an electromagnetic pulse, submersion from a mega-tsunami, multiple force 10 earthquakes on the Richter Scale, volcanic ash, severe weather, extreme winds, and forced entry. We refer to the shelters as nuclear blast proof, since that is the most extreme force that they will likely encounter. The Vivos structure is hardened and reinforced with steel and concrete, as well as extensive bracing, seismic joints and shock absorbing materials to withstand this level of blast pressure, as well as up to 80 PSI of loading throughout the structure. The entire Vivos internal and external structure is designed to bend and flex, disperse both overpressure loads and movement from lateral forces, absorbing the anticipated rolling, lateral, and severe shock forces, while maintaining its structural integrity. By having a structure that is designed to move with lateral forces and move independently we allow the shock wave to move past us. In a normal concrete blockhouse design the structure itself has to take the brunt of the force, instead of dissipating the force and allowing the structure to move as needed. Being designed to move and dissipate a shock wave and not attempt to stop it is the only way a structure can survive. All hatches, vents, materials and devices that are exposed to the surface are ballistically hardened to maintain their structural integrity from extreme shock waves and blast forces. It would take an almost direct hit from a nuclear device to compromise this hardened complex. With a sudden pole shift the tectonic plates are expected to move great distances in very short periods of time, requiring the structure to be able to take massive shock waves and abuse.
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Choices of Fallout Shelters
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