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 Rules of Character Creation

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Kain Reaver

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PostSubject: Rules of Character Creation   Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:00 pm

Before you are cleared to RP, you will need a character. Within this forum are several forums named after each registered member. You will find the forum named with your username (or screen name) and you will post a topic for each of your characters. Only one (1) character per topic. Once you have come up with your character, post it and it will then go through the approval process.

In order to meet the requirements for character approval, you MUST post the following information. If any of the following information is not present in your character profile, it will cause that profile to be rejected and you will not be cleared to RP with that character until the profile has met the requirements. This is to ensure a proper balance within the RP and to prevent "god-moded" characters from being used. The information that is required for ALL profiles is as follows:


If you wish to provide additional information concerning your character, feel free to do so. As long as the information above has been provided, your character will meet the requirements and will be approved. Any additional information you provide will not disqualify your character.

Be advised: Any abilities, skills, magics, or anything else that pertains to your character, MUST be listed in plain and simple language. Cryptic messages, obscure and/or subliminal descriptions are not allowed. Everything about your character must be listed so there is no confusion should it arise. If your character performs an ability in RP that is not listed here, then the effects of such abilities are null, your post will be deleted, and an official warning will be issued to the one who posted. You are allowed to edit your posts whenever you wish, so if one or more of your characters have learned a new ability, feel free to provide that information so whenever your character uses the new ability, it will be accepted and not questioned.

When a character is approved, an Administrator or Global Moderator will post within the character profile informing you that it has been approved. Once this post is made, you are cleared to RP with that particular character. If you create a new character, that character will have to wait to be approved by an Administrator or Global Moderator before it is allowed in the RP. There is no limitation as to how many characters you can create so feel free to create as many as you like.

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Rules of Character Creation
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