The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Kain Reaver

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Kain Reaver

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Kain Reaver

Appears to be 28 years of age, but is much older.

Ethereal Vampire

6'5", 205 lbs, muscular and lean build, ice blue eyes, long stick straight jet black hair that comes down to his back, black moustache and goatee, a 12-ft wingspan of dark brown, leathery, bat-like wings which fold behind him and seem to blend into his back when not needed, Kain and his younger twin brother, Turel Reaver, look exactly the same.

Photo of Kain's wings

Usually in all black that conforms to the timeline he's currently in.
He only wears one piece of jewelery at all times, his wedding band.

Hellfire: A long, steel blade that is augmented with the element of fire and is usually strapped diagonally to his back, the hilt near his right shoulder.

A wicked looking, yet ornate dagger that is holstered horizontally behind his back, his left hand able to unsheathe it at any time. He carries this dagger with him everywhere he goes.

The Reaver: An eerie green, spectral-wraith blade that devours the souls of anything it touches. A spectral green energy spirals around the entire blade from the tip all the way up to his shoulder. The blade emanates from the palm of his right hand. However, he can sometimes form a hilt and handle it like a normal blade. (This blade is set to kill. However, he does not use it unless his life is threatened or if another player has agreed to their character dying.)

(When equipped)
  • Light-weight, dexterous, black-steel chest and back armor partially hidden beneath black clothing.
  • Hardened leather boots that are lined on the outside with black-steel.
  • Vambraces (wrist guards) also made with black-steel.
  • Black, leather pauldrons protect his shoulders and a flowing black cloth drapes over his entire right arm, his symbol (a jagged image of a bat's skeletal structure) is stitched in the cloth and is blood red in color.
  • A black, hooded robe partially covers his armor and his dagger.
  • The hood conceals his head and is lowered past his eyes when used.

Abilities & Skills
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • Controls time and space at will
  • Controls the elements of hellfire and wind
  • Illusion magic
  • Soul reaving - When the Reaver is used on someone, the victim's soul becomes a part of Kain and all abilities the victim knew is learned (see weaknesses for the negative effects).
  • Infinite awareness - When used, Kain's eyes turn white and he is able to see everything around him as if he was everywhere at once. Works for a distance of a mile all around Kain. When in a room with closed doors, he only sees within that room unless a door or window is opened.)
  • Flight (has wings)
  • Realm shifting - Being an Ethereal Vampire, Kain can shift between the Physical Realm, and the Spectral Realm (or Nether Realm).
  • Material melding - When used, Kain can meld with any material he is in contact with, whether it is rock, stone, fire, water, electricity or other materials at the cost of his mana.
  • Basic ESP
  • Incognito infiltration - Kain can appear to be just part of the crowd yet still be seen, allowing him to sneak by without being detected or identified as an intruder.

  • Melee combat
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Heightened speed

  • Silver poisoning
  • Holy water
  • Extreme loss of blood
  • Energy depletion
  • Death of a loved one
  • New ability's shock to system - As mentioned above, when Kain uses his Reaver Blade to absorb a soul from a victim, he gains the abilities of the victim. But the shock to his system causes him to have to relearn all of his abilities over again.

Marital Status
Married to Samantha Reaver.

Photo of Kain and Samantha

Kain awoke in a strange house with no clue or indication as to where he was, or even who he was. The only thing he knew was that he was of vampiric origin, given the set of fangs that flashed ivory when extended. But he wanted to know "who" he was, and he set out to find his lost identity. Venturing across plains, fields, towns and cities, he asked thousands of people if they knew who he was. Most of his inquiries were met with a simple "No" while others simply went unanswered or ignored. Kain continued his quest to find his identity but when he came across two people talking amongst each other, something seemed amiss. For they looked skeptical.

Kain sat on a nearby bench and listened in on the conversation from an impressive distance, well outside of earshot range. His vampiric hearing was serving him perfectly for this cause. He learned that a nearby town had been attacked by an army but all the soldiers had been killed by a tall man with black hair and ice blue eyes. Kain fit that description, but he didn't think it was actually him that did it. The men continued to talk and Kain learned that the attack had happened very recently, eliminating the possibility of him committing such an act. As the men talked, a guard approached, causing the men to immediately silence as if they were speaking of treason and didn't want to be executed. The guard asked the men about what they were talking about but the men didn't confess to the truth. It was then when Kain saw one man's eyes look directly into his, his heart stopped, his temperature rose. Kain knew that the man would falsely identify him as the one who killed the soldiers in the nearby town. But his curiosity spiked when the man reverted his eyes back to the guard and their conversation resumed. What had just happened? Surely he had been spotted, but it was as if Kain wasn't seen at all. Perhaps it was Kain's vampiric nature that caused him to remain undetected, or misidentified. Confused, Kain stood up and made his way from the bench. Just in time too, for as Kain slipped out of sight, the guard turned to see what the one man had been looking at.

Weeks went by as Kain traveled the dirt roads towards this town that was attacked but he still hadn't reached his destination. Had he gotten lost? It was a question that burned in his mind for days until he happened upon a small abandoned farm out in the middle of nowhere. Cautiously he entered, making sure he didn't fall into some trap. He searched the farm and found no one around, but he noticed signs of a struggle that led inside a barn. Hesitantly he opened the large barn door, only to find a gruesome sight; 3 people hung by the neck from the rafters. Flies buzzed around the rotting corpses as maggots crawled in and out of the skin, devouring the flesh slowly but surely. As Kain began to turn away, he noticed a small, torn piece of paper laying on the ground. He picked it up and read it:

"Turel is possibly located at <illegible> Farmstead. Search the premises.
Kain is still missing. No location is known."

At the bottom of the paper, was a small photo of Kain with his name printed below. At last, he finally had found his name. "Kain Reaver", he exclaimed with a soft smile as he crunched the paper in his hand and left the barn.

A town lay ahead in the distance. Workers could be seen in the fields as they planted their crops. A tired and weather-worn Kain sluggishly made his way into the town, and suspicious gazes soon began to cast his way. He stopped to ask one person to see if she knew who he was, but the woman turned and left. Confused, Kain stood there, looking upon the masses of glares cast upon him. One brave soul approached and addressed him as "Turel", but Kain knew this wasn't him. He apologized and explained who he really was. The man was in denial, but somehow gave Kain the benefit of the doubt and allowed him to tell his story. The man apologized and explained that he looked exactly like a man that once lived here named Turel but he had left several months ago. Kain thanked the man for speaking to him and set out to find this Turel.

It took years, but the day eventually came to play. Turel and Kain stood in front of each other for the first time they could ever remember. It was like looking in a mirror except there was none. Both men didn't know what to say or think, but they agreed to help each other find out who they were. Kain showed Turel the note he found and showed him the picture and the two agreed that Turel's name was his own. From there, they set forth to find out who they were.

The men soon found out that they were twin brothers, Kain being only minutes older and the reunited brothers became inseperable. Though Turel was darker than Kain had expected, Turel was a very loyal and devoted brother. They watched out for one another, planned things together, even fought side by side with perfect coordination. For the first time, Kain felt he had a place in existence and was happy.

Until one day...

Death cast its gloomy shadow over the fields of blood-stained grass, Turel and Kain locked in battle. They had slain a tyrannous army, but Turel got a battle high and began to lust for blood. Turning on his own brother, Turel fought Kain violently. Kain never expected to fight his own brother, but alas today was the day it happened. Turel was already bleeding profusely from a massive sword attack by an enemy and Kain knew it was only a matter of time before he would pass out. Sounds of battle were heard as the two twins fought for no reason, Kain trying to defend his life while Turel was trying to end it just for the lust of bloodfall. Strength eventually was lost in Turel's body as he bled from his injuries and fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood.

Kain tended to his twin's injuries, and over time they began to heal. Turel woke to pain in his jaw and jolted out of bed to assess what was wrong. Standing in front of a mirror, a grim look on his face, he dreaded the sight he beheld. The right side of his lower jaw was missing: a gaping hole where a cheek should be, a section of his mandible gone, teeth and molars partially exposed. Kain quietly gave Turel some comfort, whom accepted it and spent the next several years staying inside, for fear of being seen and called a monster.

Kain tried everything he could to get Turel back outside, but nothing would work. His self-esteem had been shot to hell. It took a long time, and tons of patience and coaxing but Turel finally came out of hiding, adorning a black mask over his lower jaw to hide his defect. Kain had bought the mask to help Turel with his imperfection and it seemed to pay off. Turel's self-esteem was shot, but Kain kept his brother's hopes up and the two set off to make a life for themselves but parted ways for a while in order to cover more ground and to double their chances of finding out their past.

Kain eventually ventured into a land known as Vampire City felt he had found home. Other vampires welcomed him, and he hadn't felt alien. He began to look for love, but he had no such luck. Women were treating him nicely, but they kept breaking his heart despite how much care he showed towards them. Sad and lonely, Kain headed towards a solemn beach being overlooked by a mansion high on the cliffside.

It was that night he found true love. A sight for sore eyes. Beauty in its most exquisite form. Compassion and love were one. Her name was Samantha. Kain was instantly in love the moment he laid eyes upon her. The two talked all night long, talking about the highs and lows of their lives. Time seemed to stop, and it was the first time in his life that he had seen the stars rain down from the sky.

Months later, Kain and Samantha married. It was a royal wedding (since Samantha was of royalty, though she hated being so) and nearly the entire kingdom of Vampire City attended. That night, after the ceremony and reception, Kain and Samantha Reaver became one for the first time. And for the first time in Kain's confusing life, he felt complete and whole. He no longer needed to search for his past, for it would not matter. He had everything he had ever wanted or needed with his beloved Samantha, and that made him complete.

Kain and Turel never lost contact with each other, even when Kain married Samantha and began his new life with her. Samantha and Turel, however, never really got along. They both knew they just tolerated each other for Kain's sake. Kain hated that his wife and brother didn't get along, but he got used to it after a while.

Samantha gave birth to Sorrin Reaver several months later, and once again, Kain couldn't have been happier. He had a wonderful life with a perfect wife and now they had a beautiful son together.

But danger struck the Reaver family as Samantha catches word that her father has set out to destroy her and her bloodline. With the threat of death on their child's life, Kain and Samantha asked Turel to care for little Sorrin. Turel gladly accepted without hesitation and they left for another city while Kain remained with his wife to fight beside her in a very, very long battle.

Years passed, and Kain along with his wife, weren't heard from at all. Until the day they walked in their old home where Turel, and a grown-up Sorrin, were still staying. The family lived together for the longest time until the threat of famine and plague arose, causing them to flee to another kingdom in search of a new home.

Dark Vampire Kingdom was their new home, and they became rulers due to their niece stepping down and passing the crown to them. It was grand times. Kain had never been royalty before, and he depended on his beloved more than ever to learn how to manage a kingdom and its subjects. Kain and Samantha Reaver ruled DVK for many years, and had fiercely loyal friends and subjects to fight alongside them in many battles. But after an earth-shattering battle against an ultimate enemy, Nihilus, DVK nearly fell to ruin and tattered on the brink of collapse.

Years after the mighty king of Dark Vampire Kingdom had slain the evil Nihilus and saved DVK from certain doom, the loyal subjects of the kingdom hear the news of their beloved king, Kain Reaver, had fallen to serious illness, a rare and incurable illness that threatens his life. Kain's beloved wife, Samantha, does her best to tend to her husband and king, but it seems he will never wake up.

Years pass, and the kingdom rebels. Mutiny is at its greatest. Without the king to whip everyone into shape, and with Samantha at her wits end of possibly losing her beloved husband, rebellion swarms DVK. The once loyal subjects to the kingdom now pillage and burn homes, businesses, and even the few subjects that remain loyal to the Reaver family. Samantha does what she can to protect her beloved husband while he slumbered, and fought off wards of attackers who eventually were slain and defeated. Something needed to be done to protect Kain. Samantha then had an idea and set out to find followers to fight for her cause. Thus, The Creed of Eternal Darkness was born.

Centuries passed. DVK crumbled with the sands of time, fallen and forgotten. DVK withered to nothingness, and Cimmerian was born. The palace that once floated high in the skies of DVK that served as the home to Kain and Samantha, remained as a symbol of the forgotten world, yet it still served as the protected location of the slumbering king and remained hovering in the clouds of Cimmerian. The Creed began to recruit members who swore allegiance to the cause of protecting the king and everything he once stood for. Shrouded in mystery, no one other than those who swore their lives to the Creed know of its existence.

Kain awoke to a new world, a new time, and a new society. He found his beloved wandering the City of Cimmerian and reunited with her once again. The Creed had achieved its goal. The threat of illness no longer plagued the former King of DVK, but old threats still posed. No matter, for Kain had returned and began to destroy those threats one by one.

Kain still lives happily with his beloved wife, and though they venture to new lands to find new adventures, they still remain the head figures of the Creed and will remain so for all eternity.

This is his life, and his story to share.

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