The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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PostSubject: Re: Nihilus   Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:38 pm

Character approved.
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PostSubject: Nihilus   Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:04 pm

Name: Nihilus

Age: Unknown

Race: (Originally human)
Previous races: Demi, human
Current race: Vampire

Powers: A vast knowledge of ninja abilities, flight (capable of exceeding super sonic speeds), teleportation, control over those who have been infected with the void (npc only)

Abilities: Absorbtion field (an invisible field or sphere that is always present around Nihilus, extending about 30m. When activated any living thing within this field is slowly absorbed into Nihilus. Healing any wounds he has. If within the field long enough vital orgains will fail, at which point even if the victim escapes the field they will sucumb to its effects. Those that do not escape leave behind only the clothing they wore. Not even traces of blood, hair, saliva or skin remain. Those abosrbed in this manner will become possible canidates for Nihilus' next body to occupy should his current body fail or be destoryed) Aborsbtion (melee variant of the absorbtion field. Far faster acting than the field at its normal state, this allows Nihilus to absorb living beings into his body simply by touch alone. Be it hand, shoulder, hair ect. Rumor has it that he has aborbed ogre followers, full grown standing 8 ft tall and quite muscular in under 10 seconds)

Weaknesses: Sliver (due to the body he is using, it is unknown as to what extent he can withstand)

Weapons: Raizen (long sword)
Immune to fire damage and also can fire slash waves or bolts

Freyine (katana)
Immune to wear and tear, theft (due to it being a vessel that holds a powerful demon within it, Nihilus and this blade have bonded on a near astral level as well as spritual)

Appearence: 6' 6", pale skined, slim late teen-like muscel build. Handsome face, sharp red eyes, long striaght sliky black hair. Usually wears a black robe and cloak.

(Void Info)

(Due to the void which his soul is forever bound to in death the host body dies along with the original owner of the body, however Nihilus' soul is snatched into darkness where countless souls reside that have either died from Nihilus' absorbtion technique or at the dark manipulation and influence of the void. These souls as every soul does, contains a blueprint or footprint of what their body was like at the time of death. Thus a new body for Nihilus to occupy can be created from scratch if need be by the void, however no such need has arisen.

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