The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Samantha Reaver

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Samantha Reaver

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PostSubject: Samantha Reaver   Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:30 pm

Kain and Samantha's Fable~Kain Reaver

Knowing not where she came, she was left wandering and to her own devices. She became isolated and knew of no family, she was a solitary and lone was the only thing she knew for hundreds of years until she happened to wander into a kingdom that ended up holding many surprises for her. She found family, and not just any family, a family of royal lineage.

She grew to accept who she was, and while still a solitary being she allowed a select few into her inner sanctum about her, and learned what love and acceptance were, things that she seemed to welcome with open arms.

She also learned of her father, The King of Blades, also known as the King of Chaos. Her father not a nice being, and wishes only to kill his daughter for it seems she is the only being that can defeat him. His evilness lurks inside her, and she embraces that darkness and when she does she finds great joy in it, she loves the evilness that dwells within her.

She knows that if she had not found a balance to that evilness she would dwell in that darkness for eternity.

She has now found her way to the Dark Vampire Kingdom where she is rules with her eternal love Kain Reaver.

Her love story...

Samantha had always seemed to be unlucky with love, her mates seeming to vanish or die on her, or seemingly not strong enough to be able to remain at her side until one fateful night at the beach everything changed and she met her eternal love. A wonderful caring fellow vampire...Kain Reaver.

She is eternally bond to him through blood, marriage and love, and he is almost always at her side, and she wouldn't have it any other way. He heightens her darkness, and yet brings out a softness that most have never seen. With him she is gentle and kind, but do not mistake that for a weakness...for mess or hurt her husband and she will quickly unleash a fury.

He is her true love, and if she had a soul then you could say her soul mate. She knew from the moment that she laid eyes upon this being there was something special about him.


Magic Burst, a burst of energy that flows through her as well as into her weapon, it can only be used in times of fighting and allows her and her weapon the capability of abilities not otherwise acquired as well as certain elemental abilities. Once the burst has passed then she will revert back and said acquired abilites will once again leave her.

Illusion, which she almost never uses, as well as dark magic in the form of a black pulsating orb. It serves as more of a delay tactic since it because no damage but delivered attack will send the opponet backwards away from her. The more energy she sends to the orb then the more force the orb will deliver, hence sending them flying away from her further.

Controls the stars, doesn't serve as a damage attack, but merely a distraction and something pretty to look at them when she makes them rain down from the sky

Healing ability, she regenerates through feeding on blood, but also has the ability to heal others.

Water and electricity elemental. Water being her strongest in that she can take on that form, and use it in varying degress from freezing to that of turning into water vapor. Electricity surges from her form when she is in a fit of rage, and can summon lightening from the sky as well as send electrical charges to items that she is using in battle if item is made of metal

Zexem, this is her weapon, a black aura surrounds the blade and grows stronger with her. This weapon was bestowed upon her by the first being that trained her, Targon. Much of this katana is still shrouded in mystery. A wise elf once told her that she must always smile when she wields her blade and that there is more to this weapon then she knows. Slowly she is learning to control the aura to her advantage and that it is useful in battle as it can take on the form of things such as a whip or a flail. Upn an incident in which her blade clashed with the Reaver it also took on an ethereal as well corporeal form. Also see Magic Burst, listed above.

While her husband is her greatest strength he is also her greatest weakness, he truly is her life and should he ever perish she would sink into a void. Bloodloss is her greatest enemy, next in line being any weapon that will cause her to bleed. Even though she is water elemental she is still weak to certain types of fire, depending on their temperature.


Necromancer in training. Right now she is able to summon that of the dead, but they are not very strong. However she is learning more and growing stronger in this art.


She is small in stature as she only stands 5'3". Her silver hair falls to her waist and usually flows freely, but at times she keeps it in a single braid. She has amethyst eyes that turn blacker then coal when angered.

She has feathery black wings that fold neatly to her back making them almost unnoticeable until she unfurls them to their 6' wing span.

Her apparel is generally that of trousers or pants that fit her form perfectly, and some type of lose fitting shirt. She is not much for dresses and the like.

Her skin is that of a porcelain color that at times seems to shimmer of a watery nature. On her left arm there are tribal like markings like a tattoo that she received while in child birth and on the her inner right wrist is a marking of a 2 dragons looking as if eating the other's tail that form a circle.

She is married to that of her immortal love Kain Reaver. They were united in a blood marriage, that has bonded them together for all time. A bond between them has formed through love that can never be undone.

Sister Kat, the rest of her siblings has seemed to have vanished into thin air and Katherine is the only one to remain. She does however have her brother in law Turel

Children. Thomas, Arial and Sorrin.

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