The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Turel Reaver

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PostSubject: Turel Reaver   Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:20 pm

Turel Reaver


Unknown but appears to be 28 yrs old

Ethereal Vampire

6'5" 215lbs, muscular build, long straight jet-black hair, a black mask covers his lower jaw, Turel looks exactly like his younger twin brother, Kain Reaver.

A razor-sharp ancient obsidian buster blade etched with mystical markings that have yet to be deciphered, and is sheathed in a black hardened leather holster that hangs behind his back.

Usually wears all black attire, the types of clothing he wears is dependent on the time he is currently in.

Abilities & Skills
  • Controls space and time at will
  • Can pass through solid objects
  • Realm shifting
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • Illusion Magic
  • Master at camoflauge and stealth and recon.

  • Blood loss
  • Holy magic
  • Energy depletion
  • Silver poisoning
  • Loss of loved ones

Turel is missing part of his lower jaw due to major damage from an opponent's sword attack. This doesn't hinder him in any way except for his self-esteem.

Inside a hidden, secret laboratory, Turel awoke to find himself being held in a cryostasis chamber. Shocked and confused, he managed to break free of his captors and fled the premises, fighting hundreds of armed men along the way. Upon escaping, Turel wandered aimlessly around the land and came across a small town. He fell unconscious to the ground due to some injuries he had taken in the fighting. When he awoke, he was tended to by a kind woman who allowed him to stay there with her. As time passed, they eventually married. Turel was happy and content with his life.

Years had passed until an army invaded the town, forcing Turel to defend his town and his wife. He fought courageously and with honor, sending soldiers to their deaths should they ever had crossed his path. When the fighting was over, he returned to his home to find his wife murdered. Agony and sorrow consumed Turel's heart. He had lost everything he had.

Months went by and the town was peaceful once again, but not in Turel's house. Everyday he sat in the shadows drinking and planning his revenge on the people who killed his wife. Rage had become his very heart. His very soul. There were night where he would come out only to head to the small tavern they had to drink his sorrows away. The other townspeople tried to comfort him, but that soon stopped when those who tried were tossed out into the street with a broken and bloody nose. Turel's rage could never be quenched, for nothing could bring her back.

Turel eventually found out that the ones who attacked the town were the ones who had held him captive, and he left the town to exact his revenge. The details of the massacre at the Lowenport Scientific Research Facility are classified, but several people heard a massive explosion that shook the ground. The town never heard from or seen Turel again, except for one night where a silohuette was seen standing over one particular grave, and a black rose was dropped in front of the tombstone. The shape then faded into the night.

Years passed as Turel wandered once again in search of who he was, where he came from, and what his purpose in life was. Questions that weren't answered until he came across a particular person... whom he thought was a copy of himself. The men looked at one another carefully, seeing themselves standing in front of the other. Turel eventually learned that this man was his older twin brother, Kain, and from that day forward the 2 brothers were inseperable. Kain brought out a kindred spirit in Turel he never knew existed and eventually the rage from his past subsided.

Until one day...

Death cast its gloomy shadow over the fields of blood-stained grass, Turel and Kain locked in battle. They had slain a tyrannous army, but Turel got a battle high and began to lust blood. Turning on his own brother, Turel fought Kain violently. Kain never expected to fight his own brother, but alas today was the day it happened. Turel was already bleeding profusely from a massive sword attack from an enemy and Kain knew it was a matter of time before he would pass out. Sounds of battle were heard as the two twins fought for no reason, Kain trying to defend his life while Turel was trying to end it just for the lust of bloodfall. Strength eventually was lost in Turel's body as he bled from his injuries and all became black.

Turel woke to pain in his jaw and jolted out of bed to assess what was wrong. Standing in front of a mirror, a grim look on his face, he dreaded the sight he beheld. The right side of his lower jaw was missing: a gaping hole where a cheek should be, a section of his mandible gone, teeth and molars partially exposed. Kain quietly gave Turel some comfort, whom accepted it and spent the next several years staying inside, for fear of being seen and called a monster.

Turel finally came out of hiding, adorning a black mask over his lower jaw that Kain had gotten him to hide his defect. His self-esteem was shot, but Kain kept his brother's hopes up and the two set off to make a life for themselves.

The brothers never lost contact of each other, even when Kain married his beloved Samantha and began his new life with her. Samantha and Turel never really got along. They both knew they just tolerated each other for Kain's sake. But despite this rivalry between them, he offered to take care of Sorrin, Kain and Samantha's first born child, when danger arose and threatened the toddler's life.

Years passed, and Sorrin was all grown up. Kain and Samantha hadn't been seen the entire time. It was hard sometimes to calm Sorrin, who had only known his parents for such little time. But Kain and Samantha finally returned home. Grateful, Samantha thanked Turel for raising Sorrin and they cast their differences aside... but that didn't last long at all.

Samantha found out that Turel had married Arial, one of her daughters, while she and her husband were away. This was the reason why the rivalry between them refired. Samantha hated that they were together, but learned to deal with it in her own way. Though they were a happy couple, Samantha gave them a very hard time, but Turel and Arial remained married despite Samantha's inhospitality.

Turel led a happy life. Sorrin had moved on now that he had grown up, Kain and Samantha had become King and Queen of Dark Vampire Kingdom after inheriting the crown from their niece who decided to step down. Turel had no idea how to be a prince, but his loyalty to Kain was always 100% no matter what Kain had become. Whenever a battle forced Kain to fight, Turel was usually by his side as well as Samantha's (despite their differences).

News of his brother falling to illness caught Turel's ears, and he rushed to Samantha's side to defend the kingdom of Dark Vampire Kingdom that was now in rebellion once the news went public. Arial didn't like the idea of her husband fighting in a war, so she divorced him after trying her best to stop him. Heartbroken, Turel still fought for DVK, and once the battle was over, his soul had become blackened with anger once again. During the centuries of Kain's ill-begotten slumber, Turel scoured the land in his own quest to find his past.

DVK crumbled over time, and when Kain awoke, Turel returned to Cimmerian (the former DVK) to make sure his brother was ok. The reunion was short, as Turel had to reembark on his quest for his past. The brothers departed once again, but not for long.

Turel eventually met a devious woman by the name of Lillith von Rijn, and the two married. They haven't been married long, but they both know that they were meant to be together forever. Though his brother and sister-in-law didn't like the marriage, they tolerated it for Turel's sake. Kain hadn't seen Turel this happy in a VERY long time, so Kain decided to never speak about Turel's bloodlust and rage that one fateful day.

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Turel Reaver
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