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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Cassiel Zantos

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PostSubject: Re: Cassiel Zantos   Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:29 pm

Character approved.
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Jin the Silent
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PostSubject: Cassiel Zantos   Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:11 pm

Name: Cassiel Zantos

Age: unknown

Race: Arch Angel

Appearence: Tall, blonde short hair, caucasian male with baby blue eyes. his wings are thirty cubits long with colors of a falcon.
his true appearence of outfitting is the arabian white robes with some partial gold armor completed with some partial features of
a romanian breastplate with sandals. his current appearence appears to wear a hunters gear who always looks dirty due to hunting

Weapon: The Zantos Claymore (White Cathedral Design Greatsword enfused with a soul of another Archangel who was cursed to be the
Sacred Blade. its mystical powers veries the weilders attitude and motives causing them to be amplified emotionally and physically.)

The White Claymores Legend: it is the sword that thinks of its own if purified. the sword is the purifier of the world balancing the forces of
nature with one swoop. the purified form does not slay a single life form. it is the sword of healing and the curse breaker against the wicked.
the sword can revert a vampire back into a mere human, as well as lycans, and sorcerers of all sorts. the sword was once the Blade of an
Archangel named Alister who was cursed by his brother Lucifer to be forever the Sacred Blade that never cuts. however, if tainted by evil, and
anger. the blade becomes destructive. the blade simply allows its wielder to enhance its elemental abilities, or cosmic powers, etc, then the blade
untaps a supernatural effect that can allow them to perform disastrous attackss that are imagined by the impure minded swordsmen. the unpurified
blade then becomes stable and grants the tainted swordsmen the power of immortality of being ageless, however the wielder can be defeated by
their own weakness. if so, the sword immediately vanishes into another Dimension Causing the blade to slowly be purified in seven months due to its
loss of ownership. seven later, the sword returns to the world were it designated area is located outside the cities and into the wilderness in search of a
new owner.

Abilities and Techniques: Cassiel Controls only four Elements gifted by his Brother Gabriel [Water], Micheal [Wind/Thunder], and Uriel [Fire] with their Mantles tied into the soul of Cassiel
allowing him to control the elements at will. however, his earth element is the signature Ability in which he has the power to control not only the Dust and
rocks of the ground. but the plants, and land animals as well. Cassiel was well known to be the Beastmaster who can command from the creatures that walk
on land, to the bottom dwellers at will. he can use them to recon places undetected without need of mana for hes one with the earth creature (except flying and sea creatures).
Cassiel in his time on earth mastered the art of of God Fist/Dragon fist Kung Fu. he perfers to brawl only with his arms which considers him highly formidable and very difficult to
grasp his fist for being highly aware of his surroundings.

Biography: Cassiel once took part of an Evil Organization once called The Dark Hand Empire. there the angel served a God of the Dragon Demons who was named Darkmaster Raviel Tashibaya.
Cassiels main purpose was to know the whereabouts of the Sacred blade of Alister Zantos, Cassiels older brother. Cassiel in that time period was one of the angels who where banned from heaven and are now to forever serve Lucifer, but Cassiel had another motive to find the Sacred blade Lucifer cursed his brother in and use it to be tainted with anger and kill lucifer. instead of finding the blade, Cassiel
fell in love with the God Dragon Demon's Daughter Aki Tashibaya the Goddess of Love and of the Firefox Demons. eras have passed, and Raviel slowly learned that his Daughter was having a secret affair with a celestial being. moments later, the Goddess was Beheaded by her father for the acts of Family Dishonor. Cassiel Grew anger out of what has happened and swore vengence until one day, he found
his brothers sword The Zantos Claymore. from there, the anger in Cassiels heart grew as well as the sword savored the taste of destruction. with a few swoops. The Dark Hand Empire was then wiped away by Cassiels wrath. he then discovers that there are more warlords and evil doers that once made deals with Raviel. so then Cassiel sets fort in his ageless quest of revenge by eliminating all who sided with Raviel, and those
who represent him.

Weaknesses: Cassiel is weak to the Dark element Weapons. [energy waves wont effect him or energy blasts, must be done by sword tainted in Darkness] he can be easily be caught off gaurd by a womens
touch due to his past memories with aki. he would go into a trance and communicate with his brother causing him to drop his gaurd. holy weapons can also slay Cassiel. if battling Cassiel, it is recommended
to battle him with the same speed level as his. he is highly fast moving, but does mid damage when moving in high speeds.

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Cassiel Zantos
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