The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Fata Morgana

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PostSubject: Fata Morgana   Fri Oct 29, 2010 6:28 pm

Morgana (Full name: Fata Morgana)



Dream/Nightmare Spectre

Morgana has no set appearance. She takes on the appearance of the victim whose mind she has taken over. If no host has been invaded, she takes on her favorite appearance (displayed in the picture above). Her voice will always be recognized as her own.

Whatever weapons the host is carrying at the time of the mind invasion.

Whatever clothing the host is wearing at the time of the mind invasion.

Whatever armor the host is wearing at the time of the mind invasion.

Abilities & Skills
1. Mind Invasion - Morgana's unique ability allows her to invade other's dreams and nightmares at will. Once the dream or nightmare is entered, a battle of the minds between Morgana and her victim will take place. One of two outcomes will happen:
a. If Morgana takes over, her essence takes over the mind of the victim and she becomes her victim, along with all abilities, skills and memories the victim has.
b. If Morgana cannot take over the mind, Morgana simply kills the victim and looks for another.

If Morgana is sucessful in taking over the mind and the host body is killed, she simply lets go of the mind and the host body dies, leaving Morgana to seek out a new host. This somewhat grants her the ability to be formless and can be anyone, anywhere, at any time.
2. Hostless Contraception - If Morgana cannot find a host body, she can use her willpower to form a physical body in the appearance of the picture above - her favorite look.

1. Excellent in infiltration and spying on people and/or events taking place.
2. Deceptively clever in her tactics.

In host form:
1. Host awakened - When a host is taken over, they remain in a "dream" state. Should someone wake the host (i.e. by dealing a blow to the head, extreme heat or cold, or any other "extreme" means), Morgana will lose control of the mind and be forced out.
2. Exorcism - This forces Morgana out of the host's mind. Useless against Morgana if she is in her physical form.
3. Strong counter-ESP - Those particularly gifted in counter-ESP can utilize it against her and drive her out of the host mind.

In her physical form:
1. Sensitive Skin - Because Morgana doesn't spend a lot of time in her physical form, her skin is delicate and fragile, making her more prone to injuries from sharp objects, sunlight, fire, cold, and other types of injuries that wouldn't normally injure a person.
2. Sensitive Vision - As mentioned above, Morgana doesn't spend time in her physical form very much, and her eyesight dramatically suffers in broad daylight. In some cases, she may put on sunglasses, though they really don't do her eyesight justice.

Fata Morgana was a beautiful, wealthy, upper-class citizen in a now long forgotten city. She had class, beauty, and the charisma of a queen, though she was never of any royalty. Upon leaving a community meeting, she was abducted by thugs and held hostage against her will. Though her captors had issued a ransom, and the ransom was paid, she was never released. Chained in a dark, damp dungeon, Morgana never saw the light of day again and her mind slowly began to corrupt as she was brutally beaten, tortured and raped on a daily basis. Years later, she was found by a prospector who was searching the very dungeon she was held captive in for rumored treasures, her dead body savagely torn apart by her captors. She was given a formal and proper burial.

Years passed and all was great in the city, society flourished and life was better than ever. Until one dreadful night...

Tormented screams were heard as one citizen rose from her bed and brutally began murdering random people. The local law enforcement took down the murderer and all seemed to be in control. That is... until the very policeman began to gouge his own eyes out and fell to the ground dead.

Terror rose once again the next night, normally ordinary citizens seemed to get out of bed to go on a murdering spree. Hundreds died. The city was in chaos. Panicked and fear driven, most people fled the city to save their lives, but it was all for naught as they began to murder their fleeing brothers and sisters.

The murders ensued for months. The city was in shambles. No one could explain why the murders took place. People couldn't sleep. And somehow the murders began to dwindle. Days passed as the city's fatigue level rose to new proportions. But they eventually succumbed to their need for sleep, and when the sun rose over the city the next morning, the city shined red with blood.

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Fata Morgana
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