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PostSubject: Predator   Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:24 am

Name: None
Race: Predator
Age: Will vary depending on the Predator.
Sex: Usually male

Abilities: Can jump large distances with ease, superhuman strength though not technically classified as "superhuman", can see in infrared as well as numerous spectrums, stealth camoflauge master hunter.

Clothing: Standard Predator clothing.


Protects the Predator against a variety of attacks. Though it is incredibly strong, it is not impenetrable. It also serves as the main generator for the cloaking technology as well as a base for the weapons platforms.


The Predator has a wide variety of weapons. Generally, all the Predator uses is a staff, claws on the right, left, or both arms that vary on extension length, a plasmacaster that shoots intense high energy projectiles and aims either by the Predator locking on a target, or with a simple swivel of his head, a combat knife for varied uses, and 2 varieties of flying discs: 1) where a razor sharp blade extends in a circular fashion, making it a deadly "frisbee" that seeks out its victims when the Predator locks onto the target, or 2) several curved spikes jut out, making the disc a huge sheruken of sorts. Both varieties return to the Predator once the kill is made.

Other varieties include: a recon jet that flies, giving the Predator a bird's eye view on the battlefield, a small cannon on the right or left arm that acts as a miniature plasmacaster,

The Predator also carries an onboard first-aid kit, carrying a syringe, an anti-coagulant, suture devices, stints, braces, and other medical devices used for first-aid. It also

Weaknesses: extreme blood loss, decapitation, puncture of the heart, extremely potent poisons.

Bio: Nothing is really known about the Predator race. All that is known is that they come from another world, and they come to hunt with honor and pride, or die trying.

Misc: The Predator can be killed, but you have to work hard at it. They are tough and dextrous. Running won't save you if you are a target or seem worthy of a battle against one. If you are a target, or deemed a worthy challenge, you will surely die. But if you prove your worth, and your might is stronger than the Predator, it will fall. If one should fall, and they are on the brink of death, they activate a self-destruct sequence on their arm computer that. After a very short countdown, it explodes, yielding an explosion equal to that of 12 megatons (I don't know this for sure. I'm just guessing. Please let me know if I'm wrong so I can edit it). They can also hunt in packs of 3 and only 3, each with their own varieties of weapons. The Predator does have control of its own scout ship, but keeps it cloaked at an undisclosed location at all times. It does not use the ship as a base of operations nor as a way to escape. If the Predator activates its self-destruct sequence and it detonates, so will the ship by its own self-destruction.

Note from me: I'll play this character whenever I'm bored or just want to have fun. Lol If anyone wishes to play along as a Predator with me just for fun, let me know so I can grant temporary permission for you to use a Predator, but you must follow the profile I have listed here. And I will allow only 2 others this permission in accordance with the 3-Predator pack hunting description. We all know of Predators (or should) so there's no excuse for not knowing how to play one. Lol Btw, if any information listed above is inaccurate, or I have forgotten anything (and I mean anything), please let me know so I can make the corrections. I would like an accurate Predator to RP with. I hope I play a good one! XD
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