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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Devilin Domitrix Exodus.

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PostSubject: Re: Devilin Domitrix Exodus.   Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:49 pm

Character approved.
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PostSubject: Devilin Domitrix Exodus.   Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:00 am

Name: Devilin Domitrix Exodus.

Age: Sired at 21 (Rough age approximates at 3,200 years old.)

Sex: Male.

Race: Empyreal.

Title: God of War.

Job/Class: Dark Knight Samurai
(The appearance and armor culture may appear of the Knight class, but the techniques and combat are derived from his Samurai background.)

Discipline: Bushido.

Style: 'Shinigami' or 'Shinigamido'.

Height: 6 ft. 1 inches.
Weight: 240 lbs (soldier's heavy muscle build).
Blood Type: O negative.

- Seemingly and often mistaken for a shadow, he adorns his attire with heavy onyx forged hellish-brigandine platemail (this includes the entire brigandine set, i.e. greaves, gauntlets, and pauldrons.). Around the would-be eternal darkness portrayed by his armor, Dom wears a heel length hooded obsidian robe with tattered and battlescarred heiroglyphics in a hue just above the matching obsidian. Said to encumber the borders of the cloak with a mystical protection, written in an untranslatable merge between Japanese (Kanji) and Tibetan caligraphy. Multiple scars across the body, though rarely seen regardless. He has no need to remove himself of his armor, and is definitely never separate from his arsenal. In addition, an artful 'spell' of tatooes that match that same language are also scattered throughout his torso, both front and back, and his arms.
- Can be rather cold and emotionless at times, even with a smile or laugh, his demeanor remains rather indifferent. It would give the impression of the lack of care from his person, but only those who've gotten close enough to him would know whether he truly did or not.
- Although rarely seen unless he finds a grace of comfort, his hair is down to his lower back, a sierra silver color. Bordering a platinum tint similar to the coat of artic wolves. However, two thick tress bundles cascade from the sides of his hood's collar bone trim.
- The eyes are a distinct stoic shape, burned with firebrick and ruby crimson light. They need no light to reflect their color. They are perfectly visible if the trim of the hood's visage goes high enough. They are able to pierce through the darkest darknesses.
- Domitrix is a person of very rare self introduction and is not one to openly speak with others. None of it is personal or racist against any species in particular, as he has no mortal enemies. However, as unoffensive as he prefers for it to remain, he prefers not to fancy himself in speech or conversation with anyone that cannot match him in combat.

- The two prized blades of infamy and legend, both matching in onyx forged hellsmithery. The destructive Masamune, and the chaotic Murasame, twin sister Shinto daikatanas.
- "Divine Twilight" materialization is a brief ritual during combat where he may infuse both Shinto daikatanas together to form a more powerful, broader, heavier Zweihander named Divine Twilight. Although impossible to be carried by anyone else were they find themselves in a predicament of disarming the demon, he has the astounding control of weilding the catastrophe as light as a piece of paper.
- A rumor has it that the broken chains that dangle from beneath his obsidian robes are considered weapons, but no one has ever witnessed him wield them. In anything at all, not just combat.

Element: Vorpal.


- Mastered Shadowmancing and control of the otherwise mythical and unproven element of Darkness. Attained the "Lord of Shadows" title due to such superbeing ability.
He is also seldom fluent in the other elements but resides as an omnimancing species nonetheless. Although water is mostly seen used for weaving at rivers or ponds for entertainment. The fire and lightning arts are very often incorporated in his battle art.
- Teleportation through the propelling of divine speeds, not through the porting of the bodice through dimensional sequences. Has an omnipotent control over the "Shadow Realm", which is not necessarily a complete world in particular, it is just the mirrored darkness of the existing material realm. In which he can travel in and out of to remain cloaked from enemy eye, however this might become ineffective if the enemy has a keen sense of "energy scent" or another form of which they can find out about his whereabouts were he to not even slightly be as close as desired.
- "Hammer of Deaf" is an ability used as second nature. It can be switched on and off depending on the situation (usually combat). It is a manipulation of the sound spectrum where he can eliminate sound to any ear, no matter what species, to be faint of his vibrations of sound. Given that, although heavily armored, he can still move around freely without creating a single sound. Again this may come into conflict with someone whom senses energy. But, for example, a given assassination of a species lesser adept to the ways of combat is just as a walk in the park would be for anyone.
- A very strong jump ability called "Demon Dash". At first it was used for horizontal travel at immense speeds, but with the switch of direction, he can propel himself into the canopies of forests as well as the clouds high above, even.
- "Onslaught Sphere" is a technique that enshrouds his person with a protective and visible shield-like sphere that repels any basic, intermediate, and sometimes stronger blows directed towards him. CAN BE PROPELLED into a destructive attack orb.
- "Hand of Buddha" or "Buddha's Palm" is an attack of where the palm stretches fingers and opens into a thrusting attack. The force embedded into it however has never failed in crushing the innards of desired target. This of course, if connected properly. Regardless, it is a recorded attack of fatal injury and havocal proportions. Only these techniques have been recorded by himself and to anyone whom has fought alongside him in combat. All other techniques remain nameless, especially from the Shadowmancing.
- Although having ascended from Shadowpyre into Empyreal during the Saga of the Riest at the Ravine of Oblivion, he still requires spiritual and pranic energy, found in the bodies of living organisms, to continue existing. A gift from his loving wife, Ardyen, was the glistening, perfectly cut, jet amulet found around his neck. It automatically absorbs the remnant spirit energy which is released from slain foes.

- Unrivaled kenjutsu swordsmanship of both one and two blade styles.
- Self taught blacksmithery of which he can imbue his element capabilities and affinities into.
- Fishing and Hunting.
- Food gathering and identification, including berries and leaves.
- Multiple trap construction knowledge (mostly for animals and beasts).
- Tracking.
- Perfected energy sensing.
- Bushido.
- An array of gained and honed martial arts from well over four continents. All of which he combines and labels the style as "Shinigami" or "Shinigamido".
- Is incapable of flying, but with enough concentration within given element used, can hover while being protected simultaneously within the onslaught sphere.

Dires: The demon carries a very important relic about his person. In the labyrinth of the pieces of Eden, the pyramid shaped center piece hangs engraved inside a perfectly crafted jet amulet around his neck. Beneath the onyx plated hellish brigandine. It was a necklace made to eternally lock when worn, attached to the vital sign of the demon. The lock releases upon death. In the chaos of Genesis endless centuries ago, has left this perhaps the last havened piece of Eden. In order to stray from any detection, the untranslatable caligraphy upon his robes mask the energy of the piece. This is the very same jet amulet.

- Force-driven events such as warfaring and combat.
- Sparring matches prove to be very helpful to others.
- Very strategic whence upon battlefield.
- Can withstand incredible amounts of torture if captured, both physically and mentally.
- Elemental attacks are incalculably devastating.

- Heavy sunlight has no effect upon his welfare, but it does make his eyes squint and narrow due to his sensitivity to it.
- The element of "Holy" or otherwise purified heavenly attack may inflict substantial damage if broken through defence.
- Many unfortunately deem him as unapproachable. This would be a wise statement on occassion, but is otherwise untrue.
- With the curse of the Shadowpyrism evolution stage millenia ago, Domitrix holds no taste for food or beverages. In fact, it all resides with an ashy flavor upon his tongue. This is a minute set back, but it has rendered any intake of food useless and unenjoyable. In addition, after ascension, the Empyreal (as did the Shadowpyre) is only fed through the very release of spiritual entities, as his body's modified digestive system can only be sustained with life energy. In otherwords, he feeds upon souls. However, they must be slain in order to attain that release.

Biography: Many cultures with different languages call Domitrix by many diverse nicknames, including "devil" or "demon", or "death". But the most prominent one was the one he gave himself which was the "God of War" title. This was only a mere title until the events at the Ravine of Oblivion ascended him into an Empyreal deity, sitting a throne in the late Eldralece's position as the God of War under Odin.
Descendant of a prime influental feudal Samurai bloodline known as the Exodus legacy.
For further details of history, please refer to "The Rise of a Demon" short novel at

"Killing is an intimate business. Like love, one shouldn't apologize or forgive for it more than one has to."

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Devilin Domitrix Exodus.
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