The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Johnny Creed

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PostSubject: Re: Johnny Creed   Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:43 pm

Character approved.
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PostSubject: Johnny Creed   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:28 am

Name: Johnny Creed

Race: Unknown

Age: 5minutes (appears to be eleven however)

Sex: Male

Appearence: The size of an average 11 year old boy, his long light green hair flows to about neck length, sharp pale pink pupils and a young handsome face. Undernieth his John Cena t-shirt is a adolesant body buffed to the max as his muscels are ripped and defined yet do not look freaky or out of proportion on him.

Weapons: None

Abilities: Though extremely young he possess adult reasoning and vocabulary. However he learns at the rate of a child. His only discovered abilities are flight and enhanced durability thus far. It is believed that he will discover more as he expriences this world first hand.

Weaknesses: Currently unknown

Bio: Resently created by Revan he seems oddly polite and well mannered despite the reputation of his creator. It is unknown if he is a mere boy created by Revan or if he was given abilities by his skeletol creator. Its rumored he now wanders Placar.

Demons of this world, we strike from the shadows of hell and aim for the holy hearts....

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Johnny Creed
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