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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Victor "The Howling Bat" Kilgannon

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PostSubject: Re: Victor "The Howling Bat" Kilgannon   Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:58 pm

Character approved.
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Victor Kilgannon
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PostSubject: Victor "The Howling Bat" Kilgannon   Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:53 am

Name: Victor "The Howling Bat" Kilgannon

Age: Uncalculable due to unreliable documentation

Race: Experiment #666 (a mixture of varying species of vampire and lycanthrope)

Appearance: From witness of those who boast claims of witnessing "The Howling Bat", he is an abomninable fiend. Said to bear the body of a wold, and wings of a bat. Some make claims that his tail seperates into three. This serves no immediate function, quite possibly a defect in his genome. His fur is rumored to be black as night, and his eyes the fiery crimson of newly charred embers. It is said that no man rivals his height, or bulk.

-Superior strength, and speed.
-Carnal Rage: When Victor is gravely wounded, for a period of time, his adrenaline makes him nearly indestructible.
-Toxic Fang: Victor's fangs excrete a highly potent neuro-toxin which shuts down the victims entire central nervous system within approximately five minutes.

-Grave Hunger: If Victor is subjected to extended periods of time without feeding, his primal instincts completely take over
-Obediant Lap Dog: Victor is bound by curse to fulfill whatever tasks his master lay before him. If Victor's master is incapacitated, or slain, he will go into a deep sleep until another claims him.

Weapons: Whatever is readily available

The Legend of "The Howling Bat"
It began long ago, in a kingdom ruled by a powerful alchemist. The lord of the palace was a sly, and shady type. His only morality lied in his own decadence. As fate would have it, a young farm boy, by the name of Victor Kilgannon, had requested audience with the less than noble king. At the time, a terrible drought had plagued the land. No crop seemed prosper enough to feed an single person, much less an entire family. The young man, weaping at the presence of his lord, asked for his aid in assisting his family's survival. The king agreed without hesitation, but asked that the boy serve him in seeking a "medical anomaly". The boy was eager to oblige his king.

From that point on, the lad found himself in a plane of hell no one could imagine, nor should they. The expirements he had been subjugated under took a toll on his mortal body. Pain became his ownly acknowledgement. Pain which numbed him to his very core. His body became mutated, deformed beyond recognition. His appearance would later coin his title among the citizens as "The Howling Bat".

This torment was only yhe beginning, however. As expected, the king ordered his abilities to be tested routinely. His whole purposed served to cut from life, and strike fear into all that opposed the king. Rumors spread across the lands of a wolf, capable of flight, destroying entire villages in one night. With this kind of power, the king held a stern rule over all neighboring kingdoms.

After about twenty years of service, the lad requested to visit his family. What he would find out crumbled his world around him. Vexed by paranoia, the decadent king had ordered Victor's family to be executed as soon as he was imprisoned. This filled him with a rage that could ignite an entire armory. In this fit of rage, Victor had struck down the king. However, the king died with these final words, "As you live, you will never be free. You are now eternally cursed. As a free man, you will never roam the earth."
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Victor "The Howling Bat" Kilgannon
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