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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Shenlong Wu-Xing

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PostSubject: Re: Shenlong Wu-Xing   Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:30 pm

Character approved.
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PostSubject: Shenlong Wu-Xing   Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:03 pm

Name: Shenlong Wu-Xing

Age: Forgotten (Appears to be in his late teens)

Sex: Male

Race:Bio-Mechanical Zoantrhope


Height: 6' 8" tall (8' 9" when in beast form)

Weight: 1472 lbs. (2000+ in beast form)

Hair: Black, straight hair that hangs down to about the middle of his neck. Bangs rest low enough to cover his eyebrows.

Eyes: Deep, cobalt blue (Blood-red in beast form)

Clothing: When in his human form, Shenlong adorns a black leather jacket (which he usually keeps unzipped), tattered black jeans, black, steel-toe boots, and a steel facemask that covers his face from the top of his nose to the bottom of his chin. He wears this to hide a horrible mouth injury.

Beast Form Appearance: When in his beast form, Shenlong usually wears nothing more than his jeans (which become very tight due to the transformation). His jacket and boots have either been torn to shreds during the transformation, or he removed them prior to it. While in his beast mode, any skin that is exposed is covered in deep blue fur with black stripes. His human hair is completely gone. His head is morphed into that of a tiger's, along with his feet. He has kept his normal hands, however thay are covered in fur with razor-sharp claws protruding from his fingertips.

Abilities: Shenlong is a master Earthbender, an advanced Metalbender and also has some minor Naturebending abilities.. This means he can manipulate the earth, some of it's resources (i.e. wood and plants), and any type of metal to his own will. Along with his bending, Shenlong also has immense strength. Shenlong is also able to morph into his beast mode whenever he so chooses. When in his beast mode, Shenlong retains all of his abilities, however their strength is quadrupled. Being a master Earthbender and a minor Naturbender, Shenlong is able to heal nearly any wound that another mortal being may have recieved, however he cannot heal himself with this ability. Being bio-mechanical, nearly every part of Shenlong's body is made of advanced machinery, save for his heart, lungs, and brain. This means, if Shenlong were to lose any limb, he is able to regenerate it over a short period of time.

Weapons: Shenlong has vowed to never use any weapons other than the ones that he can harvest from the earth or aren't readily availabe on his own body.

Weaknesses: If Shenlong's vital organs were to be removed or damaged beyond repair, Shenlong would die, indefinitely. This is why he protects these organs more than the rest of his body. Also, Shenlong found out the hard way that Vampire venom is deadly. If any were to enter his bloodstream and reach any of his organs, Shenlong's time would certainly be up. Shenlong is also a bit foolhardy and somewhat overly confident in how fighting ability. This means he doesn't take many of his fights very seriously. This could be deadly if he is too blind too see when he is actually in any vital danger.

Bio: Shenlong was created in a lab. His body was made up of different organs and bones from people who were in their prime when they passed. He was created along with several others in order to take over the planet. However, Shenlong, along with the others, was able to break free before the process could be finished. Before he knew it, a small family took them into their home and raised him as if he were their own. When Shenlong awoke one night, he found his adoptive family had been brutally slaughtered. He ran from his home, determined to find the murderer who killed his family. It wasn't until years later that Shenlong realised he was the one who killed his family after doing the same to a small village . It was then that he realised his powers and he went off to find a way to control it. Shenlong eventually found a travelling hermit. The man taught Shenlong all of his Earthbending and trained him to control his power. Shenlong awoke one morning to find that the old man had left him on his own, so he set off on his journey once again. Shenlong now travels the earth in different time periods by traversing through random time rifts he manages to track down, searching for someplace he can finally call home.
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Shenlong Wu-Xing
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