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 Silver Vale Apartments

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PostSilver Vale Apartments

Desolate as the umbra. Macabre as the psyche of a sociopath. An offset building, once connected to the neighboring ruins of an apartment complex.

Broken shards of glass and plywood smog-bathe across what was once considered to be a front yard. The struggles against the acid rains of yore, immediately post-biological warfare, have repelled any chances of repairing the natural soil beneath the rotting sediment of the land. The dream of picturing a cobweb along the lifeless structure beams would be a blessing of nostalgia to the pumping of hearts. A melted fencing borders the property, with a beautiful touch of a fallen mailbox in the front. Though seeming to have the wording worn off, whats left of it reads "res_den__". One would assume the smudge before it read the family name, following the word 'residence'. A strange hole is on the upper corner, of teeth marks, as if a person once bit the mailbox itself.

Inside blow a flute of putrid winds through cracks and crevices of a dieing ambiance. Of a world sentenced to time itself into an inevitable void. Fading scratch marks of tiny fingers, nearly evident to the hands of a small child begging for their life, are slightly covered in dust, vertically descending down the lower left portion of what was a window.
The furnishing within this cavern of a household has been roughly emptied. Signs of larva attempting to survive from the moss residue upon breaking wallpaper flow a pattern through the entire domicile can be identified by the keen eye.

A fairly worn table and chair sit within a room to the rear of the rubble.

Next to it, an impenetrable safe, brandishing some odd markings long forgotten. Symbolization of mystic text dates back, farther than Latin, Italic, or Etruscan. The box is state of the art, in near mint condition, with only the light and subtle beeps from its technological influence being the only hymn chanted.
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Silver Vale Apartments :: Comments

Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:30 pm  Domitrix
Remaining to study the soldier, the demon sat noiselessly behind the onyx of his hellforged, and the dark overcast of obsidian, "Are there others." he inquired subsequently.

Marcus shook his head with an outwards pursed lip, "Nope. Anyone that doesn't want to continue with the operation once they've been exposed to it, gets killed. They tried brainwashing initially. But the process took too long compared to the amount of people that wanted to change their minds once the presence of the mutants was brought into play."

"Defectors were killed. No one successfully defected?"

"Negative. There can be no one out there that succeeded that. The corporations are competitive, but they will all gather together to find and terminate any defector. They see them as the ultimate threat and will join together to hunt him or her down at any given cost." responded the captain.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:19 pm  Domitrix
The obsidian knight remained quiet in focus of attention to everywhere in the surroundings, including the processing of Marcus's offered information, "On the first page of the tome, there is an outlined, undetailed map of Placar. I want you to pinpoint all of the outposts that border the city, and give me any coordinates you know." an open palm rose up in brief gesture, "Go ahead and use that quill beside you."

Marcus did as told, the male directly across from him showed more passion towards his explained goal than killing off Marcus once he was done. Still, he was not sure, but maybe cooperation landed a better probability of survival and return than any forms of resistance.

"This city is in the shitter. They have found more shit buried in the undergrounds of this place than the archaeologists do finding prehistoric bone remains." opinionated Marcus.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:09 pm  Domitrix
Sitting back in the chair, the volume of his voice lowered with an exhalation that crept a crystal mist unto the table's surface, "Tell me everything you know. Of the CEO's, of the outposts, of the procedures, any joint operations. Everything."

"The LithiumQube that you know, is basically everything that it already is. The manifest is top secret classified information that not even central intelligence agencies of other countries, including the one of this own, knows anything about. Knowing about the Lithium-X and the people after it, is knowing everything. The deepest that the schemes get, are the ploys for funding and endorsements that the corporations do to sway the interests of their supporters."
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:55 pm  Domitrix
Marcus didn't necessarily take fondness of the other male's tone of belittlement, "This is not a war."

The Empyreal shot up into a standing an pounded the end of the table with his mighty onyx gauntlet, "When you infiltrate a city, and begin to kill it's inhabitants, it is a fucking war!" he bellowed, standing above the captain with a fiery snarl.

"Your so called inhabitants are abominations that want to spread and take over everything!" exclaimed the soldier.

"And how does that make them any different from you humans!" pointed the demon. There was a silence thereafter.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:50 pm  Domitrix
Placing his thumb and index between his closed, irritated eyes, Marcus sighed heavily, "God damnit." he murmured in whisper.

"It brings some humor, to see that a very successful soldier like yourself, was not properly trained to bypass capture and interrogation by enemy forces." spoke the stoic maw of a half-concealed visage.

"We're suppose to be fighting mutants. Not vampires." Marcus replied arrogantly.

"When you are recruited into a war, you're suppose to cover everything, because anything can happen." rebutted the demon.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:44 pm  Domitrix
"I frankly don't know what you are. I don't even know your name." Marcus shrugged with one shoulder as his dismissal of locked glances strayed towards the odd safe nearby.

"Have you assumed, that for my protection, I have not revealed to you my name, simply because I might have intentions of letting you leave in one piece. And return to your family?" Empyreal leaned forward slightly.

"How do you know of my family. If you put a single fin-"

"I do not. At least, I did not have any knowledge of them, until this very reaction." Domitrix retracted a bit and crossed his arms, offering yet another blink of indifference.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:38 pm  Domitrix
Marcus had no other choice but to comply to sit in the chair just in front of the open tome. Besides, his arm hurt like heck, "Yeah. Not wanting to kill anyone. Gotcha."

"In a city full of radiated plague, destroyed structures that might collapse on you any given second, no communication with any forms of salvation, a very impatient and dangerous abducter before you, and in the heart-cast of a world completely surrounded by mutant-folk that show extreme hostilities towards intruders; mayhap your sarcasm isn't the best strategy you have conjured as a squadron leader, Captain Marcus." advised the demon.

The soldier stared at him silently, a frowning dabble in lip's movement offered disliking to agree with the speaker. "I don't negotiate with-"

"Terrorists?" finished the Empyreal, gleaming eyes locked fully unto that of his own, "Is that what you think I am. First vampire, now terrorist?"
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:30 pm  Domitrix
An eyebrow raised on the captain's face, "Help you? So that... you can either kill me. Or let me go, and kill everyone I work for.. Or worse?.. I was the captain of an immediately exterminated pioneer squadron for IndigoSky, I'm not some mere pawn of this chess game that you're playing with the LithiumQube."

"For the record of your expendable existence, you are more of a pawn to these corporate empires than you might realize. And mayhap I agree with your hesitation. Not wanting to kill anyone is a statement far too late to profess at this time." the obsidian male took a chair, and sat in it. An onyx hellforged gauntlet surfaced to offer the same, across the table.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:26 pm  Domitrix
Marcus would study him. His attire, his weaponry, his size. The color of his hair was odd, and his eyes were nothing like he'd ever seen before. They reflected an ominous radiance of volcanic crystals even without light shined on them. And the fangs, "Are you a vampire?"

Firebrick gaze narrowed as mouth closed, both of his arms were beneath the embrace of obsidian hooded robes, "No. I am not." he leaned back, blinking once.

"Well you're not human..." added Marcus.

"And you are. Precise as to why I need you. The corporations that you serve are digging their ways deeper into the heart of Placar, and they will eventually find something that you humans will wage global warfare over. Something that can easily bring the end of your, humanity. I need you to inform me of every single detail you know, of IndigoSky, and the others."
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:19 pm  Domitrix
"The radiation isn't as deadly as it was fresh post bio-incident. An upsetting in your stomach will be the most you'll suffer from any of it anymore. Your researchers have not taken any risks to unauthorize oxygen. Instead they have been focusing on their precious neo-metal. Nothing will happen out of the ordinary if you breathe this air. You will not turn green. You will not grow tentacles."

Marcus stayed quiet as he spoke. Giving a grace of pause between his own addition of speech, "My elbow is still dislocated." Before the sentence was finished, the demon tossed the soldier a rag he found in the darkness of crumbled furniture.

"I have certain interests of my own with this ruined city. There is something here that I want. And it does not concern any of the corporations you know, to find it." pinged four fangs in the radial light from a dusty bulb above.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:10 pm  Domitrix
The air of the Silver Vale was now inhabited by non-radiated life. Marcus was shoved into the room in the back of the ruined shack. "Listen, whatever it is you need, I won't be of use much longer if my suit continues with this tear and my broken elbow persists. The radiation will get me, and I'll be turned into whatever it is that those things are. I need medical attention. Or at least a fucking sling." spoke the squad captain to the demon that was located a room away.

"Be quiet," rubies gazed through a crease in the quilted doorway, eyeing the outside, "If they hear you, there will be nothing left of the rest of your body, for I will sever your tendons, and abandon this place." obsidian robes pressed from the entrance and headed to the back room. An unmoved Marcus was glancing at the tome on the table, and the safe, holding his arm.

The Empyreal spoke again, "Your injury is a minor dislocation, not a fracture. There is no protrusion, if not I would not have brought you here. They smell blood like shark do." his bass rung lowly.

"Medical. Fucking. Attention. You killed my men, you took me hostage, I already hold a special dislike for you. What is it you fucking want." Marcus returned a bass of his own.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 7:01 pm  Domitrix
It was about mid afternoon. The corporations still sought out their greeds throughout the nightfalls, despite the growing activity of the mutants at that time.

The issuers of the protectives overlooked that detail. They feared realizing that the mutants showed signs of organization and retaliation.

Two hours had passed, and the expedition was coming to an end. Each convoy that sets out into the urban wilderness that was once Placar, pertains a certain location of objective that they must reach and report from. A pinpointed site for probable cause of Lithium-X containment. Something that the satelites cannot spot from above, hence sending in teams.

(From this point on, the story continues in Yeth's Broken Gorge)
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:54 pm  Domitrix
An emblem on the arms of each member in the convoy detailed the rest of the expedition's delight. IndigoSky. Now, the demon knew as to why the women were so dangerous. They were fanatics of the infamous IndigoSky teachings. They were more than willing to die for the grace of Him.

The men, in debate, were hired for the LithiumQube, and were not issued by the corporation personally, unlike the women.

Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:50 pm  Domitrix
The soldier at the left of the captain was a novice. His walk gave away his not yet comfortability with the issued uniform he filled. Not emotionally, but physically.

There were two women. The breasting of the uniform wasn't as defined with this group as other examples in previous wars, but the sway of the hip exceeded a bit of distance. The cooperation between neck turn and shoulder response was also a dead giveaway.

The females, however, were not to be crossed. They seemed to be the most threatning of the squadron, with an amount of experience just beneath that of the captain's.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:46 pm  Domitrix
Simple humans and their toys, generally. They would not be able to sense him, not unless he exerted a high amount of velocity at a closer distance. The soldiers, on the other hand, were very cautious about movement and were on the constant alert. Not too experienced of ability though, a veteran could easily tell.

The only concern of Dom's was the itching trigger finger of the eager mercenaries to rank up by reporting successful protection encounters with the mutants. More kills would symbolize higher wages; more respect, and higher caliber missions of well compensated dangers.

The seven units wore some average weight equipment. A distinct symbol on the fronts of their helmets, just above their goggles, identified their rankings. The squad captain, at the vanguard. Brave man.

They each walked with individual formalities, despite what they learned within their military schooling. The Empyreal could distinguish which of their walks ensued insecurities, nervousness, and skill.

Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:38 pm  Domitrix
It was of the obvious strategy, that a closer yet inconspicous distance must be attained in order to grasp a better eye. The obsidian soldier was beyond ahead of that thought.

His robes rustled in dance with the dust that birthed from debris, a shatter or two away from the directionally opposed group. A near-standard group, seven decently armed soldiers. Four in the front, two in the middle, and the last in the retaguard.

Parterning the two in the middle, were the duo of scientists. They each brandished a pistol holster long the right thighs of their persons, but were currently handling a scouting map of sorts. Something like a metal detector. From afar, it resembled a green-grid screen with some multi-colored dots flashing in different patterns within it. Some numbering was seen on the side as well, though illegible from that distance.

They each pointed the screens in different directions, as if searching while walking. It didn't strike the demon as a necessity, instead as probably a standard protocol of troubleshooting equipment, while they were still close to the outpost. Any malfunction would just be a minor set-back in time, instead of a sortie abortion altogether were they to be deep into the centers of Placar.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 31, 2011 6:26 pm  Domitrix
Thus, a trail was spotted not far from one of the outposts. A fresh one, still walked by figures that were not quite out of sight just yet. It was a convoy, another apparent attempt for the pioneering of Lithium-X discoveries.

They were obviously unaware of the watching pair of cinnabars that locked unto them from afar. His lifeless representation merged with the deathly touch of the building from where he perched.

With the flying creature gone somewhere into the acid clouds of the horizon, atentive Empyreal's interests granted pursuit to where this convoy of people were headed towards.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:17 pm  Domitrix
Coming clean about the involvement of the coporations within Placar has gotten many killed, and their families as well. In essence, the option of revealing their ploys as the cruel empires that they have become has been an idea tossed out of the window long ago.

The majority of the mercenaries could care less either, as long as they come out in one piece, with a nicely sized check at the end of it all.

Generally, all of this observation has been conducted by the Empyreal himself, and logged into the tome at the Silver Vale shack. Along with the names of the empires that have been leeching from this horrid incident.

Crest Corporations.
and Walterheist Inc.

Each having their headquarters in the other four surviving cities of Ardor, Frore, Cimmerian, and Battalia.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:07 pm  Domitrix
Responsible for the creation of the mines are the creatures that were once domestic, formed by the radiation that incidentally swallowed the city five years back.

At first, though still savage, were not as dangerous as now. The presence of the soldiers taking over their Lithium mines, of which they use to feed, have startled them into a fearful organization of their kind. An unfriendly one, of sorts.

Now, come present day, with the public having no idea what is going on behind the walls of the sectors, a battle for this "Lithium-X" is well past underway.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 4:03 pm  Domitrix
"Lithium-X"- the silver alkali.

It was a natural mineral generally found in all parts of the world and recognized as Lithium in its basic forms, used for multiple beneficial purposes. This Lithium, on the other hand, was accelerated. It contained properties that were nearly alien in nature.

The first ruins were discovered beneath the old cathedral of the northern sector. Because of it, now, there are transport craft that go in and out of the ruined city, carrying it. And scouts that once had two scientists, now have three with eight soldiers amongst them.

Changes to the revilization of the city have ceased, and the main focus has now become this. All of it, of course, kept away from the eye of the public or any other heresay that does not concur with the endless possibilities of these mines.

The corporations are hellbent on remaining here until they suck the very remainder of life out of Placar.

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Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:55 pm  Domitrix
It was when the sectors began revealing their mutations, that everything changed. The scientists and radiologists were being attacked randomly, in their convoys. The weaponry issued to retaliate to such attacks were rendered useless.

An extermination process followed the uncurable lacerations of venom made to the humans by these creatures. Mercenaries almost became the 'law of the land' to the corporations. The great businesses now asked for more, and returned far greater promises than they began with. Their weapons became arsenals.

However, in the midst of what would soon become a war of infestation between human and mutant, there surfaced a key figure that would alter any involvement in Placar.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:49 pm  Domitrix
A few businesses had spread throughout the pentagonal city area of the country. These companies were mutually in charge of one thing: to rid Placar of the plague of radiation.

However, the climax of what would seem as the new-age crusades would turn into something far more morbid. The agenda was pure, simple, and steadfast- to remove the radiation and reconstruct the former glory of a once renown city.

The corporations made their lucrative advertising for others to invest in their business so that they can go forth and cleanse Placar. Other clientele and companies alike succumbed to their pleas, fueling them with resources and what would seem as enough credit to build a new city entirely.

Knowing that they had to go inside the walls well equipped, only a few immobilization weaponry were initially issued, accompanying the air-tight suits that the regular humans used to explore the deeper regions.

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Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:40 pm  Domitrix
It would be the sound of death, the rustling robes that would echo into a pinball between the forgotten walls of a cracked Placar.

Soaring through the immediate area, at a curve of flight, the Empyreal easily scaled up a tortured building, ceasing to stand somewhat diagonal and unaffected by gravity.

From this building he could take note as to where the winged creature was flying towards. There were outposts numbered around an endless multitude of spots along the Placarian borders. He could not point all of them, but there were three that capitalized the walls built around the city. Huge, searchlights oscillating to and fro; even now during the daytime. And one good platoon of patrols in sum.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:34 pm  Domitrix
It was about a good time to leave the ruins of Silver Vale. The obsidian demon stepped from the hanging quilt that quieted eventually in the absence of movement.

He stood near the melted fence in front. A long sigh exited his being, blessing the harsh environment in the near circumference of his position with a smooth crystalline mist that faded into the poisons of the atmosphere.

Indifferent visage searched for a point in the horizon that would be best to arrive at; safely, unnoticed, and near enough to the following events that would surface.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Tue Oct 18, 2011 1:38 pm  Domitrix
With a final swish of quill in ending letter, the pen was returned to the side of the tome. A leaning demon blew softly against the once virgin ink, drying it gently with his cold enigma of an exhale.

His firebrick optics blinked once at it as he straightened his bodice, giving a quick review, stoicly content with the entry given. Hood's trim swayed back towards the entrance, transporting the obeying death knight towards the quilt that rustled in nomad breeze at doorway.

Keeping the facade of obsidian, beautifully arcane crimsons peered outside once more. There was movement in the distance. Some of what seemed miles away beyond a convenient canyon of wasteland and despair.

A building. One in ruin just as the rest of the city. There was a change in the world. He felt it. This change was an omen, one of ill intent.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
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Silver Vale Apartments

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