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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Silver Vale Apartments

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PostSilver Vale Apartments

Desolate as the umbra. Macabre as the psyche of a sociopath. An offset building, once connected to the neighboring ruins of an apartment complex.

Broken shards of glass and plywood smog-bathe across what was once considered to be a front yard. The struggles against the acid rains of yore, immediately post-biological warfare, have repelled any chances of repairing the natural soil beneath the rotting sediment of the land. The dream of picturing a cobweb along the lifeless structure beams would be a blessing of nostalgia to the pumping of hearts. A melted fencing borders the property, with a beautiful touch of a fallen mailbox in the front. Though seeming to have the wording worn off, whats left of it reads "res_den__". One would assume the smudge before it read the family name, following the word 'residence'. A strange hole is on the upper corner, of teeth marks, as if a person once bit the mailbox itself.

Inside blow a flute of putrid winds through cracks and crevices of a dieing ambiance. Of a world sentenced to time itself into an inevitable void. Fading scratch marks of tiny fingers, nearly evident to the hands of a small child begging for their life, are slightly covered in dust, vertically descending down the lower left portion of what was a window.
The furnishing within this cavern of a household has been roughly emptied. Signs of larva attempting to survive from the moss residue upon breaking wallpaper flow a pattern through the entire domicile can be identified by the keen eye.

A fairly worn table and chair sit within a room to the rear of the rubble.

Next to it, an impenetrable safe, brandishing some odd markings long forgotten. Symbolization of mystic text dates back, farther than Latin, Italic, or Etruscan. The box is state of the art, in near mint condition, with only the light and subtle beeps from its technological influence being the only hymn chanted.
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Silver Vale Apartments :: Comments

Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:04 pm  Domitrix
Given enough time, the heeled greaves make their way to the room with the solitary table.

In it rests an open volume, somewhere near halfway filled.

After the creaking noises of death released by a pained house, a free gauntlet reaches into the abyss of a darkened robe to tighten its confines; in effect, leaning the Empyreal forward to pick up a quilled pen with the other twin hand. A fresh dip into a small well, inked it enough to continue an entry previously started within the mentioned journal.

'..The fiends have not yet been alerted of my presence. However the rustling outside implies a wary search for an external, non-native species, such as myself, in the midst of their habitat. The scout was winged and was seemingly oblivious of my location. I fear that they narrow down possibilities with each sortie.

- Day Twenty Three'

Read the entry.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:46 pm  Domitrix
Despite the otherwise successful containment of the ruined city, the soldiers themselves have faced a surplus of hardships in their resistance and extermination of the pesky mutated beasts.

Controlling forces, and other unidentified corporations to the demon, have resorted to applying multiple attacks of varying chemical fallouts in hopes of nullifying the unwelcome species that are currently existing. But, due to their natural resistance to radiation, all attempts have been classified unsuccessful.

In recent times however, there has arisen a much higher concern within the species amongst the ruins. Some have shown signs of leadership, organization, and hierarchy. All to be proven detrimental to the convoys that take interest and orders deep into the withered lands of Placar.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:20 pm  Domitrix
It had been quite a while since the Empyreal had participated within an audience of the other two seeming protagonists.

But a shift in subsistence had rendered a foreshadowing of one approaching quite soon.

Until then, the constant exploration of the oblivion that was Placar, ensued. The demon was aware of patrol schedules, attacks, arrests, and squads that have been sent to further pioneer and reconnaissance the recently created frontier that is this quarantined city.

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Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:05 pm  Domitrix
There was no door present at the entrance; instead a long sheet of quilt dangling from nails above the construction, acting as such.

With a swift press of forearm, onyx gauntlet opened the rustic cloths as matching heeled greaves cracked and meshed with tiny rocks and debris bellow the Empyreal's feet.

In the peak of a tilted ruined building nearby, a flapping wingspan of a mutated creature perched, flew off into the distance. There were many of them here. Some of whom he had encountered to have distinguishably stronger resistances. Vile creations of the exploitations of our 'higher society's failure to quell curiosities.
Re: Silver Vale Apartments
Post on Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:56 pm  Domitrix
Outside, there was the sky. Or at least what was technically suppose to be one. The radiation around the area has painted a mural of sewerage colored hues across the spheres that were once blue.

Distant rubies of resonance gaze at it momentarily. The winds of disgust blowing at a long obsidian hooded cloak that masks visage and appearance.

Without a single word wasted, the frame of the being turns towards the remnants of an entry way to this shackled estate. Long behind, the oil thirsty metal flag tilts back and forth from the winds, upon center side of mailbox, singing a lonely tune. One beyond blues.

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Re: Silver Vale Apartments
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Silver Vale Apartments

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