The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 The Flourescent Garden

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Samantha Reaver

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PostThe Flourescent Garden

A large garden that was filled with black roses, however now half the roses are gone but it still looks beautiful in the night sky, as the moon reflects off the dew that has formed on the velvet like pedals. There are pathways you way wander that all lead to the center where you will find a fountain made of onyx surrounded by benches so you may sit and listen to the sound of the water. Pick the roses if you dare for the thorns are very poisonous. DO NOT FIGHT HERE!
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The Flourescent Garden :: Comments

Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:55 pm  Guest
Upon hearing people within the garden, the young half breed went to find her way out. The stars gleeming out in the dark night sky led her way, till Isabelle found her exit. It was the same way she had entered the garden and it's maze. With a swift turn, Isabelle's dress and hair followed behind it. Her legs jogged her body out of the area to another location. Somewhere where there are no people. Just quietness. Just loneliness. Isabelle was never a "people" person; she was more of a quiet girl. As she left, the girl made sure to not bump into anyone or anything. The cobblestone beating under her boots were clicking in her ear drums as she jogged away. In minutes, Isabelle was gone from sight.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:15 am  Guest
Crimzon cackled at her response, a sly pleased grin appeared on his face. He grabbed wraith and quickly put it back in its place. Standing up his hand reached out and gently caressed her cheak.
"Dear Katherine don't you see now"
His eyes looked into hers pouting his lips "Awww I bet you haven't yet figured it out have you Lady Katherine"
Drawing a Silver blade from his leather duster he pressed it against his flesh. Wraith began to squeal, it almost sounded like it was in pain. Although the expression on Crimzon's face had not changed, had not twisted with the pain. Being Damphir silver stung, but it would not kill him.
"You cant touch me... if you do Crimzon dies"
The damphirs grin widened as pearly white fangs shone through.
The man smirked at his comment his new found position, the opportunity that came knocking on his door.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sat Nov 27, 2010 1:04 am  Broken_Tears
She growled in response to his words about the man she loved, standing up she faced him, black mist readiated off her body "Dont you dare speak such ill words, you may have control now, but soon that will change" her voice had a sort of demeaner that she had grown over the years, especially after giving up her crown. "And i didnt just disappear, as I recall it was him that left not me, I still had a kingdom to run and so I couldnt just leave" remembering where she was she rained in her anger and the mist disapated.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:50 am  Guest
Wraith was once again humming loudly, glowing at Katherines presence. Crimzon ignored the swords persistance, his eyes focusing on Katherines sillouhette. He released her hand and raised his head to the sky, he remembered that day at the shadow lake. The day she let him break through the vail, what had unravveled as they floated in midair.
"I told you once before Katherine... I have no name."
Pulling out his sword he shoved it into the barren earth. Intently looking at the blades edges.
"Tell her something Crimzon, Tell her where you've been" He sneered at the sword almost insinuating the sword was the real man Katherine fell in love with.
"You dissappeared Katherine, you left him and he needed me again. But, this time Crimzon bit off more than he could handle. Now hes paying the price. Worthless coward always letting the human inside him get the best of him. He never understood how weak and useless they are."
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:43 am  Broken_Tears
Knealing she didnt look at him, even when he snatched her hand to his lips "Then why find me? when you know all im going to do in the end is hurt him" she sneered at him, though she wasnt sure as to who she was speaking to. When she finaly raisded her head so that her now red rimmed silver orbs met his. There seemed to an unveiling sadness in her eyes
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:32 am  Guest
Crimzon's form slowly appeared from within the shadows. His eyes landing directly on the femme, now bleeding her blood smelled so sweet, so vendictive. His shadow now stood behind her, he dared not touch in the gardens, holy grounds where his blade was not to drawn.
"You know we both loved you dearly" he said referring to wraith again.
"Crimzon and I, but he was weak, he let his heart get in the way of a job a pact."
He crouched near her grabbing her hand and looking at her finger tip. Now bleeding, he put the finger to his lips slowly tasting the blood. Its nectar as sweet as honey. '
"I protected him all those years Katherine and now I have to protect him from YOU."
His eyes met hers and for a moment just maybe she understood what he was... Who he was.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:21 am  Broken_Tears
After flitting through the sea of people in the streets, Katherine found herself at the gardens. Sighing she fell to her knees before a rose bush, she knew it wouldnt be before long that Crimzon would find her, strainds of auburn hair fell to frame her face and a blood tear ran down her cheek, it had seemed even after so much time apart she didnt forget the way she felt for him. Grasping a black rose in hand, a thorn pricked her hand causing blood to trickle down her arm, " It never ends..." she uttered silently into the darkened night.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Wed Nov 17, 2010 1:38 pm  Guest
Reddish-brown eyes peeked open as the girl slowly awakened from her slumber. A yawn then a stretch. Isabelle's first reaction was to look around; forgetting where she had gone to and where she had been sleeping at. "Oh... I'm at the garden still." she spoke to herself, since there was of course no one around. Getting up and fixing her dark green dress, the color of the forest, the teeang half breed's stomach growled. Hungry. Although there is no much in the garden, a bird will have to do. Even if it's against her to kill and drink the blood of anything that is living. A chirpping sound was heard not to far from where she was, and chirrping was it's last. With a quick swift movement of her body, Isabelle snatched the bird with her hand; crushing it's life as it gasps for air and freedom.
The chirpping sound stopped with Isabelle's tounge wetting her lips. Her mouth drew closer to the dead animal. The small fangs peering out from the front, and then the fangs met the bird's lifeless body. Isabelle drank till the animal's blood was dried out with nothing left. Feeling sorry for the animal after she fed a little, Isabelle dug a hole near the roses. It was a small hole with the little bird carefully placed inside of it. Dirt was placed over it, leaving a lump of dirt to peak out from the ground where it was buried. A sigh escaped from her lips and Isabelle was sitting in front of it's grave. "I'm sorry little bird and thank you." she stated softly, the words carried in the air.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:01 pm  Guest
After reaching the end of the pathway or so it look like, Isabelle's eyes widen. A fountain stood in the center of the garden with benches around it. 'Wow... It's so... Peaceful.' she thought to herself, slowly making her way to the benches while looking about. The moon's light gave some glow to see, making it a bit easier now. A sigh was let out and Isabelle was growing quite sleepy. She yawned a little bit then a stretch. Sitting down on the wooden bench then laying on it, Isabelle's sleepy eyes slowly shut. The last thing she saw before she dozed off into what humans would call 'dreamland', the petals on the roses had dew that was able to be seen. In the mist of it all, she thought she saw a shadow of a young person that looked like a woman. In her mind, a soft and gentle whisper was heard in her ear. 'Good night, my little Isabelle.' a woman's voice stated in her mind as Isabelle fell asleep peacefully.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:52 pm  Guest
Curiouser and curiouser, Isabelle opened her eyes to the sound of rushing water. "Huh?" she spoke softly, the reddish-brown irses looking about. Standing up after seeing a few openings to what looked like pathways, the curious half breed walks towards it. The bottom of the boots giving very little sound as she walked. once she reached one of the pathways, the sound of the running water was growing a bit louder than it was before. Walking into the pathway, losing her sense of direction for the fun of it, Isabelle's ears picked up the sound of water growing louder and louder. She stopped. 'Is it a fountain or a river? Maybe a waterfall. Whatever it is, the sound of it is calming. if only I can find it...' she tought to herself as she continued to walk about, lost in the garden's pathways. It was fun. It was entertainging. It was exciting. Isabelle loved this feeling and continued on to find the sound's source, following the curiousity inside her mind.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
Post on Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:41 pm  Guest
A teenager wearing a dark green dress, carefully approaches the garden. Curious of about it, her eyes peeked to take a glance. No one was there. Not a sound and not a presence. Nothing was there but the beauty of the roses. Taking a step into the garden, Isabelle found herself entrance by it's flowery scent. The moon was the only light; thus making the roses beauty gently glow. It was a wonderful sight and Isabelle was glad to find a place like this. She listened to the wind gently brush against the leaves and her hair that was tied in a ponytail. Her eyes closed. The wind touching her skin. It's somewhat cold breeze was freshing. Isabelle didn't want to leave from this quiet place as she sat down onto the ground. It did not matter if the dress was dirty or if the ground was cold to the touch; so long as this garden remains quiet and relaxing.
Re: The Flourescent Garden
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The Flourescent Garden

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