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Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 The Streets of Shadows

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Kain Reaver

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PostThe Streets of Shadows

A maze of ever turning and intercrossing roads, lined with tall oak tress and drip with spanish moss that sways soundlessly in the breeze casting their lacy shadow where you tread. There are many dark alleys and heavy shadows where creatures of the night may lurk. Gas lanterns line the streets with the soft amber glow that just creates more ever dancing shadows
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The Streets of Shadows :: Comments

Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:05 pm  Samantha Reaver
Raising her porcelien colored hand she placed it on the back of her neck, rubbing it absently as was a habit of hers that had slowly beed dwindling into nonexistance. Her soft gaze remained on that of Kain while she resisted the smell of the blood that hung heavy in the air. When putting it to thought Samantha couldn't remember the last time she had fed. Quickly she pushed that thought from her mind know Kain would be able to read it as if his own and then he will begin to worry over her.

"What if we were to return to our home for now darling and decide our course of action from there." A soft laugh passed over her lips, again echoing off the surrounding buildings and down the streets. "The dusty mess that I'm sure it is now."
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:23 pm  Samantha Reaver
Samantha teetered on indecision, her gaze flitting between her beloved, the bloody scene and the shadow that she had scene against the backdrop of darkness. Finally after what seemed like several long minutes her gaze remained on Kain, her head strained back in an effort to look at his face that towered over her petite form. "Why do you think my love? Go find out if we have another enemy?"
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:17 am  Kain Reaver
With a tilt of his head, several crack were heard emanating from his neck as Kain followed his beloved, who had began to walk ahead of him. The same scents she experienced were also experienced by Kain, his nose twitching ever so slightly with each inhale of the bloodied scents.

As Kain approached Samantha who stood in wonder, and seemingly watching something in the darkness, he too took notice to what seemed to be a shadow making leaping bounds in the night sky. Intrigued by the nature of the void of light, Kain spoke lowly, not wanting to be heard by those with ungifted ears. "Seems something wicked has arrived." He wondered what the shadow could have been, whether it was friend or foe. One being crept into the depths of his mind on who it could have been, though the method of transit was different from the being he thought it was, noticing a more direct appointment of travel rather than a covert one.

A gentle breeze wisped his jet black hair, brisking just above his shoulders acting as a sort of shroud over his face as pale ice blue windows of the soul peered up into the skies and the tall vampire awaited for his beloved to see if she wanted to pursue this unidentified being in the midst of darkness.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:17 pm  Samantha Reaver
Continuing to kneel before the murderous scene, the ends of her hair brush against the surface of the sidewalk, Samantha's mind wasn't bothered by the scene of death before her, but intriqued as to who created such a thing. Was it one that killed for pure enjoyment or was it one that has an agenda. Air brushes over crimson lips after being expelled from her lungs in the manner of a sigh while she again rises to a standing position.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:10 pm  Domitrix
There were five buildings in the circuit. The Courthouse was the second tallest. The first tallest was home to oncoming skid of greaves from forbidden one. Soon upon landing, obsidian hooded robes hug and wrapped about his presence, as he gazed down at the positioning of the streetlights. Two of them, and two decorative lights on the steps of the desired building. The lights remained on inside, even with no signs of life present. This was common to the humans, to leave the federal buildings well lit, even though doors were locked.

He could see the schedule engraved into the glass on the front row of doors. The hours were none of applicable service. Perfect. With the lights inside being on, it was safe to say that cameras were definitely present. As this guise makes the building look adorned from the outside, but in reality it is a tactic to feed the visual for the cameras.
Destroying them simply would not do. Domitrix had to make sure there wasn't any guard on duty. For if there was, a black out of a security screen could induce the call for reinforcement.

Didn't matter much anyway, the front doors were locked regardless. And no pounce could be executed, didn't want the thud of his landing to create a disturbing uproar from curiosities within. So instead, he allowed himself a quiet drop off roof's edge, inbetween the building he was currently on, and it's neighbor. A very clean alley, just across the street from the Courthouse. Just before the touch of streetlight.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:01 pm  Samantha Reaver
With tilted head towards the night sky, Samantha saw what looked like a shadow move across from one rooftop to another. Watching for more movement the temptation to further investigate hinted a whisper to her before the smell of blood again filled her nose. With a soft shake of her head, cause her silver strands to shimmer beneath the moonlight she again began to walk, looking as if gliding while not making a sound before finally reaching the scen where the murder had taken place, the blood now drying and becoming tacky to the touch she discovered while bending her knees to kneel down, slender fingers caressing over a pool of blood before rising them to her mouth, pink tongue darting out to remove the ambrosia that clung to her.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:54 pm  Domitrix
From given placement deep into the mystery of the skyline of Cimmeria, the demon could see everything. In which he used to his advantage, to conform to the areas of his surroundings. He could see everything, well, everything that wasn't covered by the taller building nearby.

Rubies would spot the graveyard to the north, then from there, the soldier could deduct the distance of the streets where the bodies were present. Then a trickle in his eyesight neared the woulb-be pin point of the subway entrance. Afterwards, another deduced placement of the exit station he used, and the lighthouse behind him. Not too far away from the station, near the outskirts of the city limits. The limits that birthed way to the Lonely Shores.

With all this set in motion, he gazed down and studied multiple buildings, until firm crimsons halted their analysis upon one.

"The Cimmerian Courthouse." worded idle and stoic lips, ones whom eventually created an emotionless smirk at the end of them. Elbows of onyx gauntlets slid up from matching kneecaps and thigh ends, until the demon was at a standing field. Aware that the ground levels had been compromised, his only line of travel was to be from rooftop to rooftop. A rough layout played in his mind, as to which building would be better accessible to reach the Courthouse quicker. Just like stepping stones.

And so once again, knees bent to form the cryptic circle under the heels of his greaves, and the Empyreal pounced to the first building. Landing, and unhesitant to pounce again. His idea was not to travel to the Courthouse directly. It was a federal building, and landing there without control of visual contact could stir up some unwanted attention. Possibly by security, or these little trinkets of service called 'cameras', ones he learned of not long ago.

Third building. Fourth, as a grasshopper from leaf to leaf. A hellish, warbound grasshopper.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:22 pm  Samantha Reaver
With continued haste Samantha turned the corner, the sensual smell of blood continuing to draw her towards the murder scene while she vanished from Kain's sight, but always she was connected to her love. For a brief second she thought she felt the presence of another, although pinpointing it's location failed her. With the tilt of her head amethyst hues took in the celestial skies while catching notice of darks clouds still on the horizon.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:15 pm  Domitrix
Upon the roof of an otherwise nameless skyscraper landed the pounced demon, the heels of greaves creating humble sparks as they skidded sideways in his arrival. The map tucked the confines of his obsidian hooded robes. Now, with but a few inches from the edge, Domitrix straightened his bent bodice. The top floors of the building have shaken almost unnoticeably.

Rich red rubies of rampage stargazed at the the building next to his first, seeing how it soared much higher. That much altitude wasn't a necessity. The demon wanted to pinpoint his next location by identifying the buildings. Still though, no clear view of the streets or alleys was present. And it didn't seem to be anywhere near, as a flash was seen up above in the skies of Cimmeria, "Rain." commented the idle being, "Nature's attempt at washing away the sins of mankind... What a pseudo-religious ideal." mouthed the maw that encased the finely sharpened incisors as visage glanced up. His nostrils could catch sign of it, of the beautiful smell of rain to come. And it didn't add any better inconspicousness, for the ambient to be slowly casting down a humid mist upon the land. Wet and serene.

Without removing crimson pulsing ocules from the skies, the Empyreal's ear top twitched and perked up some, "Alas, a near witness to my macabre design... Mmm, mayhaps an officer or two?"

His figure, a spec of darkness that protruded the flat roof's corner, reached onyx gauntlets inside the contents of his cloak, to reveal the map. It seemed far deep into the hours past midnight for any light to play escort to his eyes. So instead, one palm unrolled the scrolled piece, and the other opened to assemble a burst of embers dancing upon it. The process had to be quickly assessed, seeming as how rain was coming soon.

A quick glance at the map and his planned destination, and then grip of plated hand rolled it back up and tucked it away again.
The created flame did the same. Both gauntlets found their place upon knees of matching greaves as he squated down against the edge of the skyscraper, peering fulminant firebrick optics down at the city.

The breeze swaying and rustling his robes of darkness wildly.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:39 pm  Samantha Reaver
With a hastened glance over her left shoulder Samantha observes that her eternal love remains standing just had he had been and without thinking about it a chuckle escaped her. Within seconds the laugh reverberated off the walls of nearby buildings. Silently she cursed herself for allowing herself to draw attention to her and Kain. Turning her head forward again she continued her way towards the ever rising scent of death that drew her with invisible hands.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:06 pm  Samantha Reaver
With quickened pace Samantha walks down the street, putting more distance between herself and her beloved while the smell of blood and death grows stronger, seeming to almost coat the inside of her nostrils while pulling her with it's lure. Silver hair swayed across her back with each rapid step, her attire still that of midevil dress from her visit to Frore. She knew her curiousity had gotten her into trouble more than once, but she couldn't stop herself from wanting to learn from whence the smell came.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:23 pm  Samantha Reaver
The smell of death reached her nose at the same time it had Kain's and she looked around curiously before tilting her head to the side just slightly, silver hair falling over her shoulder. With intrigue her arms fell away from her beloved's waist and she began walking towards where the smell eminated, her footsteps making a soft grinding noise against the pavement as pebbles and rocks ground against the surface of the road and seemed louder than it should be in the heavy silence of the night.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:16 pm  Kain Reaver
As Kain and Samantha stood in the darkness of the night, the stench of death floating around them caught Kain's nose. "Seems someone may have beaten us to the punch. No matter." The streets were silent, not even the police were present. Kain found it odd that no one called in the cause of the death that lay unbeknownst to the two lovers. For all he knows, the police respond quickly to 911 calls, though it may seem that no one has seen the dead bodies yet. Not a single soul was walking the streets, yet Kain was able to sense someone was around.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Thu Dec 30, 2010 3:08 am  Samantha Reaver
A dark mist rolls across the concrete streets, seemingly to swallow up cars that line against the sidewalks, the sound of a crow crying is heard over the din of a passing motorcycle before all falls quiet again and the mist vanishes as quickly as it appeared leaving behind Kain and Samantha standing in the middle of the street, arms still wrapped around the other, their hair blowing softly in the breeze.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:56 pm  Jin the Silent
The black Veins in his face was not a good sign. his heart began to race, as he remembered the violence, the blood rituals, the many infants he killed back in his time, the heat of battle back in his warmage times. Damon could not resist even further. he then stopped the channeling causing the Warlock to fall drunkenly to the ground as if he grabbed his head to maintain himself from dizziness.

The warlock finally came to, his mana was near complete from reaching his full potential. his nose bled from the side effects of nature and the elements it shares. the holy elements harmed Damon as if poison flowed in his veins. he knew the risks, but it gave him enough mana to do what the warlock was goin to perform. but in the meantime, he sat on a bus stop seat to regain his physical strength.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:35 pm  Jin the Silent
The Warlock suddenly stumbled into the street were the boys were vandalizing the block. it was even more quiet than before.
"the blood is stronger here... male.. human.. multiple bodies... it must be a vampire attack.. or a homicide" Damon said to himself sniffing the air like a bloodhound not realizing were the bodies of the four male bodies are at.
The only way for Damon to gather mana was to channel his energy with the envirament in order to investigate even further.
his eyes suddenly discolor from his human brown eyes into a pitch black pearl covering his eyeballs entirely. he allowed nature to channel with his Dark energy.
the trees rustled towards him, as the winds picked up from the soles of his shoes to the tip of his fedora hat. his antic medallion glowed a purple demonic aura caused the envirament to discolor in black and white with shades of purple shadows as it danced in the dark radiance. black veins on his face slowly began to crawl onto his face simutaneously.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:49 pm  Jin the Silent
Damon stepped out of the casino doors stepping towards the street. he tried to find a cab, but the deserted city did not even show a single vehicle pass by.
it was quiet, but restless. with little mana Damon regenerated by strolling from his hotel room to the streets outside the casino, he can sense a disturbance in the atmosphere.
"what is this presence? it is similar to my master... can Lord Raviel still be alive?" The warlock muttered to himself walking through the empty road.

Damon then smelled human blood, something the Warlock was used to the smells he had to endure when Damon was under his masters loyalty.
the murder scene was nearby, but Damon could'nt pinpoint the location accurately. he used his nose to follow the scent.
the wind suddenly picked up. trash and dead leaves scatter under Damon's feet as he walked on the sidewalk passing block after block finding the scent of fresh blood.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 4:02 am  Domitrix
'No, no no, NO!" were the last words heard from the speaker as Domitrix dragged the blade down from the collarbone and diagonally down the torso. The slash would erupt in steam from the heat of his human body opening up into the oxygen of the atmosphere. Blood and viscerals were sliced and visible.

A swift retraction inverted the blade and gave the air a decent slash. Ceasing to have all of the blood hop from the hellforged weapon, cleaning it. Then the process of resheathing both of the catastrophes, "Now, if you don't mind." lifted both limbs with open palms.

A seemingly pranic energy exited the bodies of the three boys. All to be absorbed by an odd amulet that hung in chains from the demon's neckline, "Mmmm, much better. And quite sating." It all grew rather quiet after that. They served their purposes. The feed of their spirits went well in hand. All too well, and a count much less than initially planned for. But a feed nonetheless.

Without giving a second glance at his work, Domitrix turned from the slashed speaker's corpse, only to notice the lights on the wall flicker. And with that, he was gone. As if never there to begin with. Into the shadows of the night.

Back to the spot where they saw him, the fourth boy lay dead under the street light. A beautiful murder scene.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:50 am  Domitrix
Travis turned to run, screaming "Help! Help!" echoeing across the walls of the buildings. Buildings that in turn, were part of the same streets he ventured with his friends. The same streets that they vandalized. The very same streets that despite all the noise in their little games of recklessness, no one came. What would make his human mind plead for anyone to hear him now. Pure desperate fear.

The attacks seemed to come from the shadows. No one could predict anything of that caliber or speed, especially since they knew not where they came from. But to their guess, the big 'red eyed stage prop' was responsible.

Travis shot three steps up the staircase that linked to the other alleyway. Pincer-like digits from platemailed grip locked unto the ankle of his left foot and pulled back. His jaw crashed against one of the steps. But before physics bounced his face off the cement, the heel of the onyx greave met with the rear of his skull, colliding his head's skeletal fragmentation into the stairs. With but a few twitches to offer from his body, the boy gained eventual silence.

"Mmmm." spoke the origin of this chaotic onslaught, as the figure materialized behind the boy's lifeless body, greave still against head. The demon turned his maw over the pauldron upon his shoulder, flaming embers dancing as they met with the last struggling boy impaled by the destructive Masamune on the floor.

"It is all fun and games until someone dies, miserably tortured and stripped of their lifetime." greave released pressure. Dead Travis crumbled down the steps. The Empyreal turned and walked a bit. Slowly. Until he was above the speaker, "You know," crept a deep crystalline mist from four pinging fangs in the light, "I just came from the Graveyard, if only Fate had been as polite to inform me that I should have dug up four fresh graves before leaving."

The tenacity of such a sight, to be bloody and motionless, staring up in fear of two fully blown cinnabars, "But,... as you all tend to say.... if it was not you, it would have been someone else." spoke the eerily calm tone of indifference, just before gauntlet gripped the handle of the impaled blade.

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Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:34 am  Domitrix
Just in time for the cliche of the momentum, the few lights that stripped down the street all flickered. All before the boy in the front, Travis, could reach for his interested prize. When they shot back on, the demon was gone.

"What the hell!" "Huh?" barked widened eyes as other heads looked around in search of 'it'.
"Alright... well that was a waste of time. We try to ta-" the lights flickered again, on and off twice. The third boy was missing this time.
"Davis?" stepped back the first boy, "Holy ****! Davis?!" the boys were startled now, "Not cool dude! Sooo not cool, I'm going to wail on you when I see you!" added Travis looking around with the rest of them. Quicker this time.

Another flicker. The Empyreal reappered. Back in the same position, as if never have been touched, "S*** dude! ****! ****! ****! Run! RUN!"
And so the three pairs of feet began to dash away, looking back every five steps to make sure that 'it' was still there. Needless to say, it wasn't.
"Okay okay, its gone! Cut down here." yelled Travis, the other two followed. What option did they possibly have, really.

They came across a flight of few steps leading down. An underbridge between alleys. It had a door. The speaker ran up to twist the knob. Nothing.
"Alright, relax. Relax. I've seen this in movies. We just stick together, and nothing will-" a slice of metal through the air invaded the final word of his sentence.
The chaotic Murasame flew in from his rear. Guided by the grip of onyx gauntlet.

Once it protruded the spine and came out of the boy's adam's apple, it slid all the way, about three fourths down the blade. Only for it to spin in a semi circle and back up, gaping a rather large hole in his throat. All of this before the other two could open their mouths to gasp or scream, or even step back.

Retracting daikatana set the stage for her sister to leap over the gaping boy's shoulder, whom was collapsing down to the floor. It met with the right clavical bone of the speaker. Hilt and handle were released, and the boy fell back unto the ground, gasping for air while the reflex of his hands tried to reach for the handle of the blade. It was too far off, so instead, his adrenaline attempted to grab the blade itself, and push it out of his collar bone. Oh, the pain.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:17 am  Domitrix
And as expected, although belittled in number, a group of four young men ran down the oncoming street's end. Kicking things, knocking over trash cans, and screaming like spider monkeys at the ceiling of their lungs' capacity. Seeming as how they were headed towards the demon, his pace removed from the sound as he ceased his trek. Firm rubies eyeing the oncoming group with fervor dancing in their retinas.

"Wooooo! Yeah!" were a couple of the screams heard. Apparently this wasn't the best parts of the city, seeming as how no enforcement was able to deny them their fun anytime soon. No sirens, no lights but the ones upon the streets. No people. Just them, and Domitrix.

"Travis... what the hell is that." pointed a quick index at the obsidian shade with piercing crimson optics,
"A toy? Too big and scary for a damn toy." walked up the apparent 'Travis. The other two joined in the wonder, hushing at first to see what it was.
"Can't be a mechani-thingy either. Those things are in malls, not the middle of the street." he added, narrowing his eyes while leaning forward slightly in a bend to get a better glance. He couldn't see through the darkness of the figure's robes. It was all too void. The demon on the other hand, made no single movement, not a breath noticeable.

"I don't know, maybe someone's horrible trick of a prank... or... a stage prop that didn't work anymore." once again, trying to sound intelligent.
"Well, what about the lights in the head, they seem to work fine." chuckled the first speaker, "I bet I can really give my sister a freakin' heart attack with this one. Too bad its too big to carry. Looks like we're gonna have to wreck it, eh boys?" he glanced to the other two behind Travis.
Travis, however, raised a hand, "Wait, wait... look at these! Samurai swords! Sweet! I say we rip them off and keep them, and then junk this bastard."
The boys laughed and cheered.

Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:27 pm  Domitrix
The second night on the hunt commenced, with the silhouette of an armored demon in the gateway of the Graveyard of Darkness. In motion, his outline would seem in direction of pace deeper into the first street, along its center. The only clear visibility would be the fulminant illuminaire of two crimson embered gemstones at his visor. They didn't seem to pay attention to the contraptions of modernity as he passed them. Street lights. Motored vehicles parked alongside the curb. The different shapes of houses. None of it was foreign to him. He however, was foreign to everything else.

The concrete of the street echoed the loud trek of his onyx heeled greaves as they painted a melancholic brush from streetlight to streetlight. One would assume a clearing view at the figure would perhaps increase under the very embrace of the eletric lights above. But the darkness of his robes were so pure that even then, under the brightest one, he'd still manage the guise of a three dimensional shadow.

In coercion to the far off eye, the handles of the twin sister legendary Shinto daikatanas would be identified. Although, his pace began at lifeless streets. Mayhaps it come of conflict were he to approach a public.

Domitrix was often mistaken as the essence of death. Silent and identifiable only at hope's very last moment. But in truth, he was of a greater definition. That of the symbolization of war, a speculation of ongoing suffering that repeats itself more and more times over.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:29 pm  Kain Reaver
Kain stalked the night, but remained in the light so all were able to see him. Thoughts churned towards his beloved, and he felt her presence in another city. Sighing sadly, he knew he was in a trance for quite a while. No matter. He will soon be reunited with his beloved once more.

He approched the fight while it was taking place, watching the men get slaughtered by another male. One whom he'd never seen before. Though admirable the fighting was, he saw no purpose, perhaps had he seen the reason for why the killings were taking place he would have had a different opinion. But for now, he continued to walk the streets, nodding to some pedestrians as they walked by.

Suddenly, a policeman called out to him. "Hey you! Do I know you?" Kain ignored the call and continued walking, but the officer pressed on, walking towards the 6'5 male vampire.

"You there! Come over here! I need to speak with you!"

Kain continued to walk, further ignoring the policeman who was now within arms reach.

"I know you can hear me! Get your ass over here or else..."

"Or else what?!" Kain snarled as he whipped around to face the officer, who stood up to Kain's shoulders. "You going to arrest me for evading conversation?"

Seemingly undeterred from Kain's behavior, the policeman responded. "Keep talking like that and I'll bust your jaw asshole!"

Kain laughed, his laughter echoing through the streets, catching the attention of several people who stopped to watch the arguement. "You're threats mean nothing to me, citizen! But if you wish to test your thesis, then by all means..." Kain leaned down a little, giving the officer a free hit to his face. "Show me what you've got!"

The officer took a step back then swung with all his might, but he didn't expect what happened next: the back of his head met the concrete sidewalk. There was also a searing pain in his elbow and shoulder, causing him to scream out in pain. The trauma from hitting the sidewalk made him delerious, his vision was dizzying, the area spinning as if he was in the middle of a merry-go-round being spun by a tow cable attached the the back of a speeding dually pickup truck. He turned to his side and threw up, beige colored vomit spreading across the sidewalk, chunks of masticated donuts half dissolved from stomach acid lay as waste withing the vile retch.

To the onlookers, they saw the officer swing, only to be grabbed by Kain, pulled to the side as Kain broke the officer's arm with an upward swing underneath the elbow. Using the same arm, Kain then swung into the officer's shoulder, the bone and cartiledge breaking with a sickening snap. Kain used his leg to make a wide sweeping kick, his body turning as his leg swept the officer off his feet, and landed on his back with a thud.

Several people clapped at the officers downfall, especially the gang members who had been hiding in the shadows, but now are standing in plain sight. Whoops and cheers were sent Kain's way, who stood towering over the fallen officer. "Let this be a lesson, pig. You see me, you leave me the fuck alone. The next time I catch you or ANY of your officer friends out here, I'll lay you down one by one." Kain began to walk away, leaving the onlookers to cheer and praise him as he departed. The gang members who stood off to the side approched Kain with caution and spoke to him as he walked by. "Yo dawg, you ever need anything, hit me up and I got yo back dawg! That was some fly shit right there!" Kain nodded to the man and continued to walk away. "Thank you."

As Kain departed, the gang members decided to take advantage of the downed officer and began to kick him repeatedly, then stole his wallet, gun and ammo before taking off into the alleys, leaving the poor officer to his own defenses.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:30 am  bud4man20
As Hikaru was close enough to the ground he suddenly stabbed the tree next to him with his kunai knife, slowing down his decension. With his right foot he launched himself towards one vampire that barely dodged the raining shuriken.
The vampire quickly heard the teen's movements and turned towards him. He was holding something up for a slashing motion but nothing was in his hands. And before the vamp had any reaction time left, the black bladed katana had sliced its head off, leaving it slouched on the ground oozing out blood all over the street.
The teen had no time to celebrate, as the third vamp screeched and hissed as it quickly made way towards him. Apperantly the second wasn't as fast as the other two. With a quick recovery Hikaru awaited for the albino to make its move. For he had a feeling that this next fight won't be as easy.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
Post on Wed Dec 08, 2010 12:30 am  bud4man20
After setting up very well hidden traps, Hikaru sat up in a tree on a high branch. Waiting for the creatures that seemed to hunt him for blood. Not only figuratively but probably literally too.
Holding his katana in his right hand and a kunai knive in his left, he was ready for anything. If all goes to plan, he might just make it out of the city alive.
Suddenly he could sense dark and heavy energy closing in. Running violently the vamps came to a halt near the same tree he sat in. "Where are you boy? I can smell your blood..warming up in fear." one of them shouted.
The albino vamp war right, but that didn't mean he would go with out a fight. 'Come get me bastard..' he thought to himself as he fell backwards. In his mouth was a thin wire and as fell it pulled on one of his traps, releasing a downpour of shuriken onto the vampires.
Re: The Streets of Shadows
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The Streets of Shadows

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