The Creed of Eternal Darkness

Be the broken or the breaker. Be the giver or the undertaker. Unlock and open the doors. Be the healer or the faker. The keys are in your hands. Realize you are your own sole creator of your own masterplan.
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 Jack "Swift Sight" Glen

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PostSubject: Re: Jack "Swift Sight" Glen   Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:56 pm

Character approved.
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PostSubject: Jack "Swift Sight" Glen   Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:14 am

Name: Jack ‘Swift Sight’ Glenn

Age: 30

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Highwayman

Weaponry: Two single barrel muskets and British Cutlass named ’Noble’s Razor’

Weaknesses: His own mortality and lust.

Strengths: He is known for his infamous sliver tongue .a high tolerance towards interrogation and very speedy and stealthy.

Skills/Abilities: Being a excellent marksman along with being highly efficient with a blade.
He is quick on his feet which benefits in being highly acrobatic on dodging enemy attacks
Using his sliver tongue to charm the ladies and intimidate his victims.

Appearance: He stands at 5 foot 4.…. This may small for a intimidating follow as himself but it is much of a advantage when dodging attacks.
Slim but with a athletic build he wears a olive green trench coat with a high collar so that he may conceal his lower face, black Hessian riding boots as footwear, black leather trousers and a white lace shirt.
Jack has a southern Englishmen’s voice his western features are complimented by rough black shoulder length hair, deep aqua blue eyes and a slim pointed goatee.

Transportation: A pale white steed named ‘Galloping Dick’

Biography: Jack was once from regal highly regarded heritage family in Middlesex, England his birth mother Jane Rebecca Glenn died at birth from infection. As he reached young adolescence from trained marksmanship and swordplay every day at the point of noon. At the age of 19 his young sister Lady Rebecca Glenn died from poisoning at age 16. This demoralised Jack as Rebecca was his only sibling that was as close to him as a own heart. As years pasted on relationships between the Glenn family turned despondent, rival fights between Jack and his father Lord Edward Glenn brought anger and treachery among the family. Within a few days from one year since Rebecca, Jack’s young sister died, Jack made a shocking discovery. Within his step mothers suite, his step mother Lady Sarah Bella he came across her diary. Within hate of his step mother for years he took the diary to indulge in her privacy. That night in his suite in dimmed candle light he opened the diary scheming to exploit her. As he turned the pages smirking at the filth she wrote betraying his father behind his back with other men, getting closer to his sister’s death. He turned the page, his eye widened with shock the hatred he now acknowledged about step mother towards young Rebecca was revealed. This explaining how she deliberately poisoned Rebecca in spite and jealously for being her father princess, Jack’s face turning scarlet red with anger, his jaw clenched with rage. Within a second he stood up marching down the stairs slamming the door behind him, He reached for his right hand musket loading a shot into the barrel, The shot with Lady Sarah’s name on. Marching down the elegant gold trimmed stairs and bursting though the door leading to the Living suite pointing the barrel in the direction of Lady Sarah. His father stunned with reaction of Jack’s intentions, Lady Sarah with fear in her eyes. Jack threw the diary at his father’s feet within a second Lord Edward picked up the diary to discover his wife dead with a fresh smoking wound in her left ear lobe, Jack stood there with smile of joy avenging Rebecca’s death. Lord Edward looked daggers at his own flesh and blood he once called son not realising his true motive, He drew his sword charging at Jack. Jack drew his cutlass blocking what came to follow blows from his fathers sword, dodging slashes and vaults making a retreat from the manor, though the gate leaving the premises and his father pursuit behind. Now the Glenn family was obsolete for Jack’s father had now disowned him, calling the guards to hast his pursuit. Jack on the other hand had new ambitions and already took passage in the filthy sewers beneath the slums on the city to bid an escape from the city for he was now the most wanted man in Middlesex, England.
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Jack "Swift Sight" Glen
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